14 Cars That Are Secretly Cool

Back to general Published 7 months ago Written By Odometer Team
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Let's face it: there are some cars that are just simply more appealing than others. While looked down upon by some, these cars all have some hipster appeal. If you are seen driving one of these around town, you will probably get some head nods.

Smart Car

A great commuter car, the Smart car averages 34 city miles and 38 highway miles. It has a roomy trunk, but is a cute little 2-seater. It is available in a variety of fun colors and would be very easy to park. Smart cars combine fuel economy and style.

Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is a boxy compact car with a roomy interior. It has a hatchback with rear seats that fold flat for extra storage. USB/iPod input is standard on all vehicles, as is Bluetooth connectivity. The Soul has a look that stands out among other economy cars and appeals to younger consumers.

Chevy Nova

The Chevy Nova was originally called the Chevy II and was produced in 5 generations from 1961-1979 and 1985-1988. It was designed to be a basic compact car without anything fancy. Just a simple car that was a good value for consumers and would rival the Ford Falcon. The Nova was available in both four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines, as well as a variety of body types, including coupe, sedan and wagon. You can still see Novas in good condition at car shows and cruise nights.

Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke is a crossover SUV that has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It averages 27 mpg city and 32 mpg highway, which is better than many other crossovers. Bucket seats in the front are optimal for faster speeds and sharp moves, and the Juke is modeled after race cars when it comes to other features as well, such as the gauges and gear shift.

Pink Stretch Hummer

With room for around 18 people, stretch Hummer limos are a cool way to get around town. Add pink paint and you have a real party. These Hummers would be perfect for a birthday party, bachelorette party, or any kind of ladies' night out. Or for anyone who just really loves pink and stretch Hummers.


A hearse is not just for funeral transportation. Many people think hearses make great personal transportation because of their limo-like looks, as well as the fact that they are usually luxury cars like Cadillac and Lincoln in the U.S. and Canada. Hearses also have plenty of storage in the back; even more than a station wagon.

El Camino

The mullet of the car world, the Chevrolet El Camino provides both the comfort of a coupe with the convenience of a small pick-up. These cars were once looked down on, but are definitely cool in a retro way. Toss a tarp in the back and fill it with water, and you will have a literal mobile party mobile.

Volkswagen Rabbit

As reasonably-priced cars go, this little guy can be quite the little speed demon if driven properly. Easily maintained and cheap as far as gasoline economy is concerned, the Rabbit is a perfect car for the high-school aged hipster.

Chevy Lumina

Chevrolet has been making the Lumina for 25 years, making year one originals "classic." They aren't unappealing to look at, and most will drive forever on original parts. The best part of the Lumina is the comfort. They aren't stylish, but your road-trip partners will thank you for the cushy ride.

Volkswagen Jetta

Brushed-off as the yoga-bodied basic girl's car, the Jetta definitely has had a rough time breaking out of its stigma. A few mods, and these cars are height of fashion in urban communities, especially among young families. Add some puddle-lights or some LED pipe-lights, and these sporty cars will have you feeling trendy.

First Generation Ford Thunderbird

It doesn't matter if its painted mint-apple green or just a hunk of rusted metal, if it runs, a T-bird is cool. Kids these days would appreciate something cool if it drove over them in style.

Chevy Cobalt

Two-door or four-door makes no difference, the great road handling and comfortable ride are worth much more than the asking price on these hip wheels. Perfect for anyone from the college guy who plays hacky-sack, to the beach babe, to the happy housewife.

Honda Element

A little boxy, but available in a variety of colors and style, the Element's coolest feature by far is the rubber-mat floors. Haul whatever you want (wood, hay, bikes, frat-brothers), then spray it down with the pressure hose. Simple!

FJ Cruiser

They look like they are made by Fischer-Price, but these cars are built to last and built to crush obstacles. If you've ever had to climb a hill in the snow or drive through washed out dirt roads in a puddle jumper, you will surely appreciate the power and execution of the FJ.



Yes, it’s not a car, but we had to include it in this list. The Vespa 400 was originally produced in France from 1957 to 1961. It was a 2-seater micro car with a rear engine. It had a top speed of 50 mph, which took 25 seconds to achieve.

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