No One Talks About

The American Graffiti Sequel

American Graffiti is a hallmark coming-of-age film that helped launch the career of George Lucas and pave the way for Star Wars.

However, a belated sequel to the iconic film is underseen and all but forgotten.

Continuing the story from the 1973 classic, More American Graffiti was released in '79, reuniting the many characters from the original.

While the first film plays on the nostalgia of your formative years, the follow-up leans into the troubles of adulthood.

More American Graffiti portrays characters experiencing tragic events such as car wrecks and the horrors of war.

The film received negative reviews from critics, unlike its highly acclaimed predecessor.

The original film didn’t exactly cry out for a sequel in the first place.

It’s a shame the studio couldn’t resist a cash grab, but at least the attempt was something starkly different.