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Why Was Marcy’s First Husband Replaced On ‘Married … With Children’

Why Was Marcy’s First Husband Replaced On ‘Married … With Children’

Married … With Children was one of the first hit shows on Fox and had a great cast but the show saw one person leave early on. Longtime fans of this sitcom will remember when Marcy was married to Steve Rhoades. Well, after Season 4, guess who shows up? Jefferson D’Arcy, who is Marcy’s new husband. What happened to Steve? It’s still something some of the show’s fans may not have heard about all these years later.

So, when the show started, Steve was played by actor David Garrison. Steve does his best to put up with the antics of Marcy, played by Amanda Bearse. The same can be said for his neighbor Al Bundy, played by Ed O’Neill. Yet Steve does his best to be a doting husband for Marcy.

Of course, their relationship is very different from Al’s with Peggy, played by Katey Sagal. Peg is forever in need of Al’s attention when all he wants to do is sit and watch TV. Marcy and Steve come over and visit the Bundy home a lot. They drop in, Marcy puts down Al (or vice versa), and they leave. It’s a lot of drama all the time.

David Garrison, who played Steve Rhoades on Married … With Children, attends the opening night celebration of Whoopi on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre in 2004. (Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)

The back-and-forth between the characters is cool to watch. By the time Season 4 finished up, David Garrison, who played Steve, was getting tired of his travel schedule. See, Garrison was an established theater actor in New York City. In addition, his family lived there, too. For Garrison, the time away from his family and the Big Apple just proved too much to take.

‘Married … With Children’ Star Sets Up Buyout

Garrison reportedly set up a deal to buy out the rest of his contract for Married … With Children. Once that was done, then they needed a replacement. Who would they get? Veteran actor Ted McGinley, who had previous TV exposure thanks to The Love Boat. McGinley started playing Jefferson D’Arcy and he seemed to liven up the show a bit.

In his characterization of Marcy’s husband, Jefferson would go along with some of Al’s antics. Then he might get caught by Marcy, putting him in the dog house. But he’d find a way out of trouble by giving Marcy her much-needed attention. At times, Jefferson also interacts with Bud, played by David Faustino, and Kelly, played by Christina Applegate.

Comparing Steve and Jefferson is interesting to do. One was a bit more reserved at times, while the other liked to party down. Married … With Children stayed on for a few more seasons. The entire catalog of episodes is running on Hulu. A select number of them are also available on Pluto TV.

Ted McGinley Also Appeared In ‘Hope & Faith’

McGinley also is known for his work on Hope & Faith and Happy Days, too.

One thing fans will note is that there’s no goodbye episode for Garrison. Once he left, the show simply went on without him. Garrison, though, did make an occasional guest-star spot on Married … With Children. He did not leave the show in a huff or upset. He simply wanted to be near his family more.

As it happened, Bearse’s character had to alter her ways a little bit because Jefferson wasn’t Steve. The Bundys openly accepted Jefferson after a little time had passed. McGinley filled in quite well on the show. His ability to play off Bearse and O’Neill in their scenes together brought out laughs from the studio audience.

O’Neill went on to be a regular on Modern Family after this series ended. Applegate starred in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy starring Will Ferrell. Sagal has been appearing The Conners while Faustino has continued his acting career.