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Why Taylor Swift’s Mom Was ‘Freaked Out’ by Her 2009 ‘CSI’ Cameo

Why Taylor Swift’s Mom Was ‘Freaked Out’ by Her 2009 ‘CSI’ Cameo

Even hardcore Taylor Swift fans may have forgotten that the pop star had intentions of becoming an actor, leading to an appearance on CSI. Back in 2009, when she was only 19, Swift graced the popular drama. Promoting her second album, Fearless, she expressed her excitement to the press about landing a guest role on her beloved show, CSI. It truly was a dream come true for the mega fan.

“For about three years I’ve been saying to everyone that my favorite show is CSI,” Swift gushed to Rolling Stone reporter Vanessa Grigoriadis at the time. Grigoriadis has recently discovered her original interview for the latest installment of her podcast, Infamous. This four-part series delves into Swift’s extraordinary journey to global stardom.

“The character Nick Stokes [played by George Eads], it’s his crime that he deals with,” the “Anti-Hero” hitmaker explained. In the 2009 episode of CSI, Taylor Swift portrayed a teenager residing with her parents in a run-down motel. Here’s a sampling of her acting prowess below.

Taylor Swift Loved Being on ‘CSI’, But Her Mom Had Some Bad Blood Over It

“It was really cool, because he’s my favorite character,” Taylow Swift said of her CSI role at the time. The episode, titled “Turn, Turn, Turn,” aired on March 5, 2009. It began with a solemn scene: a young Swift, with brown hair, lifeless in a motel parking lot.

However, as the episode unfolded, her character resurfaced, unveiling the circumstances that led to her becoming a murder victim. She also witnessed another murder at the motel.

“I’m black-haired, have a nose ring, earrings, spikes, combat boots…” Swift gushed at the time. “And you end up figuring out that there’s this whole back story, and that my parents had a child that ended up dying and I was the second replacement child. And my mom never really loved me… and there are so many different intricate storylines that come into play.”

Naturally, in true CSI fashion, our guest star meets an untimely demise. Swift’s character, unfortunately, falls victim to an unexpected heart-piercing incident involving a pair of scissors wielded by her very own mother. Talk about a family affair that hard to shake off!

However, Taylor’s mom Andrea Swift was not thrilled with the CSI mayhem. “My [own] mom was a little freaked out,” Swift revealed. “I was open-eye dead, literally had to stare off into nothing and not breathe during the close ups… not flinch or anything.”

Momma Swift may not have been thrilled, but it was literally a dream come true for Taylor to be killed on the hit show. “All my friends know that my dream is to die on CSI,” Swift told MTV in 2009. “I’ve always wanted to be one of the characters on there that they’re trying to figure out what happened to.”