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‘Who’s the Boss?’: Tony Danza Gives Major Update On Series Revival

‘Who’s the Boss?’: Tony Danza Gives Major Update On Series Revival

A revival of the 1980s sitcom Who’s the Boss? has been in discussion for a period of time, so where do things stand? Right now, the situation remains active yet stuck. According to executive producer Mike Royce, “I have heard that we’re gonna hear. That’s been the case for a while.”

Who’s The Boss starred Tony Danza as Tony Micelli, a former baseball player and widower who moved into Angela’s (Judith Light) home as a housekeeper. His daughter Angela (Alyssa Milano) also moved in with her father, too. So, what is Danza hearing about the revival? “It’s been up in the ether for so long. I’m hoping it happens now!,” Danza said during an appearance on The View on Monday. “At some point, you’re like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it!,’’ so I’m just waiting to hear like everybody else.”

Will ‘Who’s the Boss?’ Get The Go-Ahead?

Danza appeared on The View as part of a 45th-anniversary celebration for Taxi.

Royce, who was a guest on THR’s TV’s Top 5 podcast, said that he turned in a pilot, a script for a second episode, and a bible “for a show that you can say in a sentence.” This all was done well in advance of the lengthy writers’ strike.

“I’m assuming after the new year, at this point, we’ll learn the fate of [the revival],” Royce said. “Everything is handed in, so we’re just awaiting a decision.”

Back in November 2022, Milano said she had seen one script that was “really funny.” “I was very skeptical about this,” Milano said. “And then I spoke to Tony [Danza]… and I got kind of excited.”

There has been no official word on whether or not Light would be involved in this revival. Milano, though, thought she would eventually do so, TV Line reports. Also, there’s been no word as to whether series regular Danny Pintauro would be on board with this. Katherine Helmond, who played Angela’s mother, Mona Robinson, has died since the show aired.

At Its Peak Show Ranked Among Top 10

At the height of the popularity of Who’s the Boss?, it ranked sixth in the Nielsen ratings. Between the show’s fourth and fifth seasons, the show hovered between sixth and seventh place in the ratings. It had upwards of 30 million people tuning in each week as well.

Over the years since leaving ABC, the show has been shown in syndication across cable networks and channels. As of now, Who’s the Boss is available on Hulu. Reportedly, it also is available on Sony Picutres’ YouTube channel, Throw Back TV.

Throughout its run on ABC, the show aired regularly as part of the network’s Tuesday night lineup. Then, the network moved the show to Saturday night. While other shows like Growing Pains and Perfect Strangers also joined the Saturday night lineup, it was not enough to make up for lost viewers.