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Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White Reveals Favorite Part of Iconic Show

Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White Reveals Favorite Part of Iconic Show

Vanna White has been turning or poking at those pesky letters on Wheel of Fortune for a long, long time on TV.

White has had a lot of high points throughout her career. Of course, one of them has been working with Pat Sajak on the famed game show. Yet if you asked her directly, then what do you think might be her favorite part of the show?

It might come down to White’s interactions with contestants. This does include one of the more recent ones in Liz Wright. The 92-year-old woman picked up $65,000 with her son, KC Wright. This happened after solving the puzzle, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Vanna White Is All Down With 92-Year-Old Contestant

In an interview with Good Morning America, White told the morning show that Wright is her all-time favorite contestant. That’s over 41 years, or since Vanna White made the call to join.

Liz Wright was also invited to return at the end of the upcoming season for Wheel of Fortune’s Fan Favorites show.

“This is just the cherry on top of the soda,” Liz Wright said.

“And I will never forget this episode and I’ll never forget you,” Vanna White told Wright.

As White gears up for another season of Wheel of Fortune, the legendary game show hostess is reflecting on the past 41 years with Pat. Sajak is taking on his final run on the show.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been 41 years,” Vanna White told Good Morning America. “I think of Pat as family and always will.:

“We called ourselves Ken and Barbie,” she added. “I mean, we’re not quite that today. But Ken and Barbie go together and always have. Peanut butter and jelly go together. Pat and Vanna go together.”

The twosome have been synonymous with their game show for all these years. Show founder Merv Griffin put them together to see how it would work out. Four decades later, they are still sharing their story.

Before Sajak joined Wheel of Fortune, he was a weatherman at a local Los Angeles television. People saw him every day and became connected to Sajak and White.

Over the years, the game show has expanded its contestant search. They look for the most interesting topics or a collection of contestants to join them on ABC.

After Sajak leaves, Ryan Seacrest will take over.