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‘Two and a Half Men’ Creator Talks Potential Revival with Charlie Sheen

‘Two and a Half Men’ Creator Talks Potential Revival with Charlie Sheen

Two and a Half Men‘s creator Chuck Lorre recently reconnected with series star Charlie Sheen, sparking hopes for a revival. Debuting on CBS in 2003, Two and a Half Men featured Sheen as a playboy jingle writer. His tightly wound chiropractor brother, portrayed by Jon Cryer, and son Jake, played by Angus T. Jones, unexpectedly become roommates in his swanky Malibu beach home.

The show was a huge ratings success, garnering awards for both the cast and Chuck Lorre. Nonetheless, in 2011, Sheen was dismissed from the series during its eighth season due to a highly publicized conflict with Lorre.

Recently, the two reconciled, with Sheen even making a cameo as himself in Lorre’s new series Bookie. With the resurgence of sitcom revivals and cast reunion specials in recent years, fans might ponder if a similar fate awaits Two and a Half Men. However, Lorre hinted that while it’s not highly probable, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Chuck Lorre Weighs in on a Possible ‘Two and a Half Men’ Revival With Charlie Sheen

“I don’t think so,” Lorre told Variety about the possibility of a revival for the beloved sitcom. “Not that I’m aware of. It’s foolish to say never. It’s still to me more gratifying and fun to do new stuff. And to let the stuff we did in the past be the past.”

When questioned about the possibility of a sit-down interview special that would bring the cast members back together, akin to Friends: The Reunion, Lorre hinted that it might be more prudent to let it rest as it is.

“It was just a lot [to work with Sheen again],” Lorre admitted. “We were grateful to be past it. Here we are, so many years later. And there was a lot of gratitude. I think it was warm. People said it must have been healing and you know, it was. It was wonderful to not just give the man a hug. We worked together and we had a blast. It was very reminiscent of those wonderful eight years where we had a lot of fun making a show that we worked hard on and we were proud of.”

Before his controversial departure, Sheen held the distinction of being the highest-earning actor on television for his portrayal of Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men. However, in recent years, his on-screen appearances have been noticeably scarce. Still, Sheen seems game for a comeback. Following his Bookie appearance, he’s expressed interest in taking on more roles.