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‘Three’s Company’: Suzanne Somers’ Top 5 Memorable Moments

‘Three’s Company’: Suzanne Somers’ Top 5 Memorable Moments

Suzanne Somers provided a lot of solid work on TV throughout her career, including her time on Three’s Company. Not all of her time on the shows was pleasant, but Somers worked hard to make Chrissy Snow one of the show’s most popular characters. Somers, along with John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt, gave viewers a lot of laughs on the show. In the wake of Somers’ death on Sunday, let’s take a look at the top five most memorable Somers moments from Three’s Company.

Days of Beer and Weeds

Jack, played by Ritter, and Chrissy believe they’ve come across some marijuana at the Ropers, played by Norman Fell and Audra Lindley. But Jack gets drunk on Mr. Roper’s homemade beer. The back-and-forth dialogue between Somers and Ritter is simply fantastic. We end up seeing Jack, now a little tight after drinking, acting silly at the police station.

A Camping We Will Go

In this episode, Jack, Chrissy, and Janet, played by DeWitt, decide to go and spend some time in the outdoors. In doing so, it sets Chrissy up to be involved in some very funny scenes. Suzanne Somers does not shy away from her cast members here.

Snow Job

Suzanne Somers does some standout work in her role as Jack’s roommate. She, of course, shared on-screen time with DeWitt here but they do take a backseat to Ritter. In this episode, Jack must choose between taking a job as a ski instructor or staying with his roommates.

Chrissy’s New Boss

While Chrissy looks to move on up in her current role, her boss has other ideas. He’s doing his best to sweep Chrissy off her feet. All this action, though, puts Chrissy front and center. As it turns out, she has a bit of a moral dilemma going on in this episode. Suzanne Somers performs at a very high level here.

The Bake-Off

Jack has diligently worked on creating the perfect pie for his bake-off contest. Yet there’s just one problem. Chrissy accidentally eats Jack’s pie. Now, in this episode, we get to see Suzanne Somers at her comedic best.

Suzanne Somers Became a Classic TV Icon With ‘Three’s Company’

These five episodes on Three’s Company make up just a part of Somers’ work on the sitcom. She would end up being fired from the show over asking for a pay raise. Fans of Three’s Company never saw Somers come back to the show, of course. Somers, though, wasn’t just sitting around after this happened. She popped up on another sitcom titled She’s The Sheriff before starting a good run on Step By Step with Patrick Duffy.

Fans looking for Three’s Company reruns can find them on PlutoTV and other channels and streaming platforms. Suzanne Somers was 76 years old at the time of her death. It came on the heels of a lengthy battle with cancer. From TV and books to Las Vegas and infomercials, Somers parlayed all of it into a successful career and life.