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These Classic TV Shows Were Cancelled Before Clocking 100 Episodes

These Classic TV Shows Were Cancelled Before Clocking 100 Episodes

There are certain television shows so classic that they live on TV and in our hearts forever. Surprisingly, not all of those shows were as popular then as they are now, and they earned premature cancellations. Or, the shows came to a close simply because filming was no longer possible. You may be shocked to learn that the series listed below suffered one of those fates and filmed fewer than 100 episodes.

‘Mork & Mindy’ Couldn’t Keep Fans Interested

Robin Williams got his breakout start in Hollywood thanks to the Happy Days spinoff, Mork & Mindy. The series, which follows alien Mork as he studies humankind, was a hit from 1978 through 1982 and earned two Primetime Emmy nominations.

During its start, the series was the 3rd highest-rated series on TV. But by Season 2, it fell to No. 27, and by Season 3, it plummeted to No. 49. During Season 4, the show hit 60. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the quirky plot and ties to its massively popular sister show initially drew a big audience. But after a few years, the novelties were unimpressive. In the end, the show only aired 95 episodes.

‘The Addams Family’ is Classic TV Today—But Was a Bust in the 1960s

Shockingly, The Addams Family was a near-complete failure when it debuted in 1964. After its first season, it ranked as the 23rd most popular show on television. By its second year on air, it drew in so few fans that it didn’t rank at all.

The series is a cult classic today and has turned into an entire franchise with several movies and spinoffs. But it first hit TV when current audiences had seemingly grown tired of classic horror monsters and spooky tales that dominated for decades. Superheroes had become the next big thing, and most people were tuning into Batman instead.

So, The Addams Family came to a close after two seasons and 64 episodes. It was so unpopular at the time that it didn’t even get a series finale.

‘The Honeymooners’ Was an Expensive Endeavor

When you think of classic TV, The Honeymooners is probably one of the first series that comes to mind. So you may be surprised to know that only 39 episodes aired. The Emmy-winning 1955 series was one of the first to showcase the plight of the working-class American family, and audiences loved watching a story they could relate to. However, filming the series ended up being too costly, so it got the axe after one season.