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‘The Twilight Zone’s Most Eerily Prophetic Episodes

‘The Twilight Zone’s Most Eerily Prophetic Episodes

When watching the Classic TV show The Twilight Zone, you might notice some episodes almost appear to be prophetic. Rod Serling, the mastermind behind this anthology series, used human situations to blend in with the supernatural. Some phenomena may serve as loud warning shots instead of small blasts. These prophetic messages can be found in some DNA after people die. Don’t ever underestimate the power of prophecy at all.

With all that in mind, let’s check out some of these prophetic messages and episodes from…The Twilight Zone.

‘You Drive’

In this Season 5 episode of The Twilight Zone, self-driving cars get the majority of attention. Oliver Pope runs down a child. After it happens, the car does whatever it can to bring Pope’s action to the police. In the end, it’s the car that drives right toward the police station.

‘The Obsolete Man’

Man, this is a powerful Season 2, written by Rod Serling. A dystopian state is at center stage. The officers of the state have said religion and literature are definitely banned. Wordsworth faces a death sentence for two things: he’s a librarian, and he believes in God. That cannot exist in this world. But he works up a plan to show off the state’s hypocrisy.

‘The Lonely’

Let’s go all the way back to Season 1 of The Twilight Zone. In another Serling-written tale, we now take a deeper look into the world of lifelike robots. This type of computerization has not given us the perfect android. In this episode, Alicia the android shows off as best as possible. She can feel love, while Corry, her owner, starts to fall in love with her. But this type of romance ends up in tears.

‘The Odyssey of Flight 33’

Another Season 2 thriller from the pen of Serling. This is one of the first times that a supersonic flight receives some sort of attention. At the time this episode first aired, air travel across the United States was a good deal. But this plane’s speed takes it past the sound barrier. In fact, we go back in time. No future is ahead of us right now.

‘The Midnight Sun’

This episode of The Twilight Zone takes aim at environmental change, all the way back to this show’s Season 3. We see the Earth after it falls out of orbit. Norma, who is an artist, lets the viewer get a look at how this all affects her life. In her world, Norma now has to do battle with the likes of water-thieves and soaring temperatures.

‘The Bard’

While drawing up some humor in this episode, the more serious topic of taking other literature and changing it through AI means taking a pre-AI look at it all. Moomer, who is a struggling TV writer, brings William Shakespeare (“The Bard) back to life. Why does he do this? He wants to receive help in his work. Who else to call on other than the amazing Bard himself to do this? But the topic at hand is writers drawing on others’ work to succeed. Again, another amazing Season 4 script from Serling.