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‘The Twilight Zone’: The 5 Most Hilarious Episodes

‘The Twilight Zone’: The 5 Most Hilarious Episodes

For most of its run on CBS, The Twilight Zone probably would not be called a hilarious sitcom filled with jokes. Yet die-hard fans know that there have been some episodes that have bent toward hilarity. In fact, a few of these chosen for this selection of five hilarious episodes stars comedians. One might not think a comic actor can pull off a serious role.

Well, these five episodes of The Twilight Zone will prove you wrong.

‘Cavendar Is Coming’

Carol Burnett stars as Agnes Grep, who receives some much-needed help in her life (or does she?) from Cavendar, an angel. Jesse White is along for the laughs in this episode of The Twilight Zone. Viewers will see people doing a lot of physical comedy in this very funny episode. All Cavendar wants to do is earn his wings. The trick here is can he accomplish it with a half-hour episode?

‘The Whole Truth’

Imagine this. Harvey Hunnicutt, a used car salesman, played by Jack Carson, gets an automobile. Nothing too strange here. Yet it’s because of the car that his usual verbal fare is changing. He cannot lie anymore. Now he cannot lie and his life, which was so neat and nice, has been upended. Watching him try and adjust his own habits is quite funny. In the end, Harvey sells the car. Can he sell his newfound life of truth?

‘Escape Clause’

Have you ever had the desire to want to cheat death? That’s what is on the menu for Walter Bedeker, played beautifully by David Wayne. Bedeker is a hypochondriac who makes a deal with the devil. Simply put, he sells his soul for more years to be alive. Then, the silly man puts his deal into action, GameRant reports. He jumps in front of trains, drinks bleach, and tries to outwit the man in red.

‘Night of the Meek’

Art Carney plays a drunk-off-his-fanny Santa Claus, who’s been busy at the mall, in The Twilight Zone. As the kids come to visit Santa, they are loaded up with requests and even funny lines. The kids are pretty on point with their lines. Yet we all see Santa wishing he could get everything each kid requests. Should this happen, then the meek and lowly will, indeed, inherit the Earth. Watch until the end!

‘One For The Angels’

Comedian Ed Wynn takes the reins of this first-season episode of The Twilight Zone. Wynn plays Lewis J. “Lew” Bookman, a neighborhood salesman. He’s a pitch machine. So, when he makes a pitch with Mr. Death, can he steal a little more time? Bookman calls it “One For The Angels.” Yet how does the pitch work out?