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‘The Twilight Zone’: The ‘Bewitched’ Stars Who Appeared in the Classic Sci-Fi Series

‘The Twilight Zone’: The ‘Bewitched’ Stars Who Appeared in the Classic Sci-Fi Series

The Twilight Zone was groundbreaking fantasy storytelling, and it featured a surprising number of stars from another TV favorite, Bewitched. Rod Serling’s anthology show gave actors of all stripes chances to play characters forbidden to them elsewhere. Of the four cast members that appeared, each flexed acting muscles in the 5th dimension that may surprise Bewitched fans.

Elizabeth Montgomery

Samantha Stephens herself, Elizabeth Montgomery, appeared alongside another soon-to-be superstar in this The Twilight Zone season three premiere, “Two”.

In the episode, Charles Bronson, two years away from starring in The Great Escape, plays a lone soldier in a deserted city following an Apocalyptic war. He encounters Montgomery, who plays a rival soldier. The story deals with just how little the two warriors have left to fight over in a world they helped destroy. Bewitched fans will likely find Montgomery’s stark performance, as well as her brunette hair, revelatory.

Dick York Appeared Twice on ‘The Twilight Zone’

The original Darrin Stephens starred in two early episodes of the series, both involving psychic powers. In season one’s somber “The Purple Testament” Dick York plays a beleaguered soldier that has premonitions of his comrades’ deaths. However, in his second The Twilight Zone appearance, York plays a character more in line with his Bewitched character. Season two’s “A Penny for Your Thoughts” finds York’s character, a meek bank teller, gaining telepathic powers. Much like in the show that made him famous, hijinks ensue.

Agnes Moorehead Starred in an Innovative Episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’

Bewtiched‘s resident sorceress mother-in-law, Endora, is featured in a unique episode. Agnes Moorehead stars solo in season two’s “The Invaders”. Moorehead became famous to a generation of TV fans for her witty comebacks and alluring nature on Bewitched.

However, her The Twilight Zone trip is decidedly unglamorous. She plays a reclusive hermit who must fight off impish “alien’ astronauts as they invade her secluded cabin. The episode is engaging, with a terrific twist. Heightening the tension is the fact that Moorehead never utters a line of dialogue. Her episode is driven by expressive, wordless performance.

David White

Darrin’s domineering boss, Larry Tate, was played by stage actor turned frequent TV player David White. In season three’s “I Sing the Body Electric”, White gets to show Bewitched fans his range.

In this sentimental trip to The Twilight Zone, penned by the prolific Ray Bradbury, White plays a single dad. Struggling to raise his three children, he purchases a robot to serve as a “grandmother” to them. The story follows the children as they go from distrustful of the artificial intelligence to loving her as a real grandmother. White here plays a relatable, sympathetic character that’s a far cry from his selfish, forboding Larry Tate turn.