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‘The Real Ghostbusters’: Where to Watch and Stream the Classic 80s Cartoon

‘The Real Ghostbusters’: Where to Watch and Stream the Classic 80s Cartoon

Is the classic 1980s cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters available to stream? If so, which major streaming services offer it? The original Ghostbusters, released in 1984, was a monumental blockbuster that brought together an exceptional cast and novel concept. However, it was created during a time when sequels were not in vogue, resulting in disinterest from the talent regarding a potential sequel. To keep the franchise alive, The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series emerged, presenting weekly animated adventures that expanded upon the world introduced in the original film.

The immense success of The Real Ghostbusters pushed the demand for Ghostbusters II, which finally spooked screens in 1989. Although the bulk of the cast and crew reunited, the sequel couldn’t quite capture the same magic as its predecessor. Its release coincided with a jam-packed summer lineup that included blockbusters like Batman and another Indiana Jones adventure. Disheartened by the outcome of Ghostbusters II, Bill Murray distanced himself from the franchise, abandoning any hopes of a Ghostbusters 3.

Franchise co-creator and star Dan Aykroyd championed another installment for years. However, nothing was produced until 2016’s ill-fated reboot. After that film failed to impress, the studio offered a belated legacy sequel. In 2020, Ghostbusters: Afterlife centered on Egon’s (Harold Ramis) grandkids inheriting his ghostbusting legacy. The installment resonated with long-time fans, paving the way for another sequel, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, set to chill fans later this year.

Where Can ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ Be Found to Stream?

Unfortunately, for those longing to relive the nostalgic moments of The Real Ghostbusters before the next movie release, it’s disappointing to note that the film is currently not available for streaming on popular outlets like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime in the U.S.

The Real Ghostbusters was previously on Netflix but was removed in 2019. However, the complete series can now be bought or rented on Apple TV+, Google Play, and Amazon. Various episodes have also been uploaded to outlets like YouTube.

Although The Real Ghostbusters wrapped in 1991, it remains highly regarded to this day. The show struck a balance between being suitable for family viewing and still retaining a touch of horror. It often featured eerie creatures like the pumpkin-headed Samhain. In later seasons, the tone shifted to prioritize the comical adventures of Slimer, who is set to return for Frozen Empire.

The Real Ghostbusters had a spinoff series called The Extreme Ghostbusters in 1997. It focused on Egon leading a new generation of ghoul catchers. In many ways, it serves as the blueprint for sequels like Afterlife and Frozen Empire.