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‘The Office’: The Most Epic Pranks Jim Pulled on Dwight

‘The Office’: The Most Epic Pranks Jim Pulled on Dwight

The Office has gone down in history for crafting some of the best characters and relationships in television history. One of those relationships is between Jim and Dwight. The deskmates love to hate each other. Dwight, of course, is overtly eccentric, and his biggest fault is that he takes himself too seriously. Jim can’t help but play off those traits by pulling dozens of off-the-wall pranks on him. We’re here to help you relive the best pranks of all.

Dwight Finds His Stapler Trapped in Jell-O

The very first episode of The Office sets the tone for Jim and Dwight’s strange relationship when Jim traps Dwight’s stapler in a giant mold of orange Jello-O. The situation unravels as Dwight chats with Michael. He notices the stapler and throws a fit because Jim put his stuff in Jell-O “again.” He wants justice, but no one gives it to him. From that moment on, we know poor Dwight is doomed to be pranked for the rest of the series.

Jim Turns into Dwight 

One of the most classic pranks was when Jim perfectly morphed into Dwight. Jim stiffly walks into The Office one morning dressed in a Dwight-esq suit. His hair is slicked into a middle-parted 70s shag, and he dons glasses and retro technology. At first, Dwight doesn’t recognize what’s happening, and Jim pulls him in with talk of “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.” Once Dwight catches on to the hoax, he lies to his co-worker with talk of identity theft.

Dwight tries to pull a switch-a-roo prank and dress like Jim later in the episode. But everyone plays along and tells him how nice he looks that day.

Dwight Receives Faxes From His Future Self 

Mid-series, Jim transfers to the Stanford Dunder-Mifflin office in an attempt to get over his future wife, Pam. While there, he struggles to find the same dynamics he had in Scranton, so he pulls a prank on Dwight from afar.

Using the fax machine, Jim starts sending faxes to Dwight—from future Dwight. Of course, Dwight falls right into the trap, and poor Stanley gets caught in the crossfire when Jim tells him that he must save Stanley from poisoned coffee.

Jim Transforms Into a Vampire

One of Dwight’s quirkiest qualities is his belief in the supernatural. That belief gave Dwight a brilliant idea when a bat flew into The Office one day.

In the episode, chaos ensues, and Dwight manages to capture the animal. After he disposes of it, Jim tells Dwight that the bat bit him. Throughout the story, Jim slowly changes his behaviors and insidiously convinces Dwight that it’s because he’s a vampire. Interestingly, the episode was directed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Joss Whedon, according to ScreenRant.

Bonus: That Time Dwight Got Revenge on His ‘The Office’ Tormentor 

Do you remember the episode where Dwight got revenge on Jim? During Season 7, Episode 11, Dwight was finally fed up with the years of torment. So, he planned his own attack.

The situation unfolds after Jim pegs Dwight with a snowball—square in the face. Dwight turns the table and plots a series of sneak attacks on The Office Golden Boy. Throughout the episode, Jim can’t go outside without fear of being hit with a snowball himself. For example, Dwight sets up one retaliation by dressing up as Pam to lure in his prey.

In another scene, Dwight ambushes Jim by jumping out of a snowman. By the end, Jim is visibly paranoid. And it all comes to a hilarious finale when Dwight builds dozens of snowmen in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot. Jim doesn’t know if Dwight is hiding inside the creepy creations, and he goes crazy attacking all of them. Meanwhile, Dwight stands and watches from the rooftop, stoically pleased with himself.