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‘The Odd Couple’: The 5 Best Episodes, According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

‘The Odd Couple’: The 5 Best Episodes, According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

In 1970, television opened its arms to welcome Tony Randall and Jack Klugman on board to appear in The Odd Couple. The show riffs off of the Neil Simon play, which starred Walter Matthau and Art Carney. Matthau played messy Oscar Madison opposite Carney’s neat freak Felix Unger. In 1968, a movie version starred Matthau with Jack Lemmon taking the Unger role.

For TV, Randall played Felix against Klugman’s Oscar. This show ran for 114 episodes and five seasons, with both actors playing their roles to the hilt. Garry Marshall was the creative mind behind this show. Penny Marshall, Garry’s sister, played Myrna, Oscar’s secretary. Al Molinaro played Murray the cop, a close poker-playing friend of Oscar.

‘The Odd Couple’ Brought Emmys to Randall, Klugman

There’s no doubt, though, that the stars were Randall and Klugman. Klugman won two Emmy Awards for his work here, while Randall picked up one. Klugman also picked up a Golden Globe Award, too. In 2004, The Odd Couple received the Quintessential Non-Traditional Family award from TV Land.

Between 2015-17, another Odd Couple series starring the late Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon aired. In 1982, Demond Wilson and Ron Glass starred in The New Odd Couple. It lasted one season. While those versions might have their own audiences, Klugman and Randall’s version ran the longest. Reruns of their version are being shown on PlutoTV.

Let’s see which episodes were the highest-ranked ones according to IMDb.


In this Season 3 episode, Oscar and Felix find themselves on the popular game show Password. Watching these two fumble over each other with word clues is hilarious. Original show host Allen Ludden and his real-life wife, Betty White, make appearances here, too. Felix thinks they can win. Do they?

‘Take My Furniture, Please’

For this Season 3 show, we get a good example of Felix’s taste and Oscar’s taste. Felix decides to redorate the apartment with some cool, modern furniture 1970s style. Well, Oscar doesn’t like it so he fixes things up with some really tacky-looking furniture. And the battle between the two roommates continues…

‘The Subway Story’

In this Season 5 episode of The Odd Couple, our friendly New York sportswriter Oscar Madison is done with New York City. He’s tired of being there. Felix, though, has an idea. He takes Oscar out and shows him some bright spots in the Big Apple. Then, they get stuck on a stalled subway. A blind pencil seller and a pregnant dog are just some of the people (and animals) they run into on a hot day in the old town.


Well, in this Season 2 show, Oscar turns into a somnambulist. He’s a sleepwalker. How does this happen? Oscar gets some wisdom from his girlfriend Nancy on being nicer to Felix. Trying to do this and make it work backfires. When Oscar is nicer, it leads him to sleepwalk. Grabbing a newspaper, Oscar rolls it up and smacks Felix on the head every single night. This, of course, leads to the eventual blow-up between them.

‘The Flying Felix’

For this Season 4 episode of The Odd Couple, Felix has a fear of flying. But Oscar is going to work with him and help him get over it. So, Oscar picks out an airline for them to go up in the friendly flying skies. Watching Felix deal with this is just so funny.