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‘The Nanny’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDB | Do You Agree?

‘The Nanny’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDB | Do You Agree?

Fran Drescher not only starred in The Nanny but was one of the show’s producers and creators — overseeing a six-season successful run on CBS.

Dresher played Fran Fine, who ends up losing her job and boyfriend in one fell swoop. She’s a cosmetic salesperson by day but somehow finds herself as the nanny to an English widower’s three children. Charles Shaughnessy played Maxwell Sheffield, who would fall in love with Fran over time. The Nanny picked up one Primetime Emmy Award for Brenda Cooper. She won for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costuming for a Series. Drescher received two nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series but lost both times.

The Nanny can be seen via streaming these days, giving its loyal fan base a chance to relive these memories again and again. What, then, would you think would be the best five episodes according to IMDb? Well, let’s take a look and see what people have given these episodes as far as IMDb ratings are concerned.

‘Close Shave’

In this Season 2 episode, Maggie (Nicholle Tom) volunteers as a candy striper at the local hospital. But she’s got a hot date that she wants to go on. So, Maggie wrangles Fran into stepping in to fill in for her. What Fran didn’t know ahead of time was that she was going to have to prep Maxwell for an appendectomy. That was a surprise to her. Yes, and that means she was going to have to shave him for it. Fran was hiding out in a room, which happened to be Maxwell’s room.

‘The Finale: Part 2’

For this Season 6 finale, C.C. (Lauren Lane) and Niles (Daniel Davis) end up getting married…right in Fran’s hospital room. C.C. has been dealing with nausea, but it stopped while the ceremony was going on. It appears that C.C. might be pregnant herself. Meanwhile, Fran goes into labor. Maggie and Brighton (Benjamin Salisbury) are going off to Europe. The Sheffields head out to California with their twins in tow. They are off to start a new life, which puts a nice bow on it with the series coming to an end.

‘I Don’t Remember Mama’

In this Season 1 episode, Maxwell looks to keep the kids busy as Mother’s Day gets near. He hopes they won’t think about their mother, Sara. Fran, though, believes talking to them about Sara is a good thing. Maxwell has brought the family to a new country club. It’s having a Mother’s Day Mother-Daughter Pageant, so Fran enters it with Grace (Madeline Zima). Grace wants to enter it, but Maxwell thinks it’s a bad idea. He gives in to their wishes.

On Mother’s Day, the team of Bobbi Jo (Leann Hunley) and Betty Jo (Madison Wright) say that Fran and Grace are ineligible because Fran isn’t Grace’s mother. Grace beats it, saying she has no mother. Maxwell sees that he’s been dealing with Sara’s death around Grace wrong. So, Fran and Grace finish with a duet as their talent. It earns them a first runner-up prize. Not behind Bobbi Jo and Betty Jo, but behind Patti LaBelle and her daughter.

‘A Fine Friendship’

For this Season 2 episode, Fran strikes up a friendship with a male nanny named Kurt (Christopher Rich) whom she thinks is gay. Yeah, until he hits on her and that changes everything. Kurt is the male nanny for Willie (Jake Richardson). So, Fran and Kurt start dating and that’s when he makes a pass at her. Grace thinks that she is pregnant, so Willie does what he can to keep her comfortable.

‘Strange Bedfellows’

In this Season 2 episode, Fran starts to worry about her future. What sends her into a frenzy? She finds out that Mona (Tyne Daly), who is one of her fellow nannies, is retiring and heading south to Florida. Well, they have to hold a goodbye party for Mona. Fran shows up but ends up getting drunk. Then, she finds herself going into Maxwell’s bed. Things get a little tricky from there on out.