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‘The Munsters’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

‘The Munsters’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

People tuning into The Munsters for the first time might have been taken aback: What’s so funny about Frankenstein? As it turns out, a lot! The Munsters aired for two seasons on CBS in 1964-66. What a cast, too. Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis, who had worked on Car 54, Where Are You?, are back in the comedy game as Herman Munster and Grandpa. Yvonne De Carlo is along as Herman’s wife Lily.

Oh, we get two Marilyns in the series run: Beverly Owen and Pat Priest. And we can’t leave out Eddie Munster, played by Butch Patrick. This horror-comedy show, while lasting just two seasons, provided laughs then and now. Let’s take a look at the five top episodes ranked by IMDb.

Herman the Rookie

In this first-season episode, Herman is helping Eddie out with his baseball skills. Funny thing, though. When Herman smacks a baseball and it travels for miles, it ends up hitting Leo Durocher on The Munsters. Well, Leo needs to find out who did this. Once they do, Durocher gives Herman a contract to play Major League Baseball. Side note: At the time of this episode airing in 1965, Durocher was a coach in real life for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Just Another Pretty Face

Grandpa is at it again. He’s down in the dungeon working on a machine to bring about world peace on The Munsters. Herman, though, decides to fiddle with it at night. A bolt of lightning strikes Herman. It causes a terrible disfigurement. Everyone sees what happened. Herman becomes “normal.” This Season 2 episode is a hoot. Side note: This is the only time viewers will see Gwynne without his makeup on as part of the show.

A Visit from the Teacher

Eddie gets busy and writes up a school paper about his family and home life. Imagine the stories from The Munsters home. While he did win the essay competition, his teacher and school principal think he’s making stuff up. In this Season 2 episode, the outsiders visit the Munster home and are in for a rude awakening.

Hot Rod Herman

Once again, we find Eddie as the center of attention on The Munsters. He tells Sandy that his father can beat Sandy’s father in a drag race. Well, Herman ends up losing the Munsters’ Koach in this Season 1 episode. Grandpa, though, comes to the rescue. He builds up his own Drag-U-La to take to the Mockingbird Heights drag strip for a match race. Granspa ends up winning back

Zombo on ‘The Munsters’

Eddie really digs watching TV horror show host Zombo, played by the legendary Louis Nye, on TV. Herman, though, gets a little ticked when he hears Eddie worshipping Zombo. When Eddie wins a contest to go meet Zombo, Herman gets in gear to win back his son’s interest.