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‘The Monkees’: The Best 5 Episodes According to IMDb: Do You Agree?

‘The Monkees’: The Best 5 Episodes According to IMDb: Do You Agree?

Mixing music with madcap comedy hijinx were just some of the things you would see when watching The Monkees. This weekly sitcom is about a struggling rock band that starred Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Michael Nesmith, and Micky Dolenz. The show tried to piggyback (at least a little bit) on the Beatles’ success upon their 1964 arrival in America. For the most part, it did a good job.

America’s teenagers seemingly didn’t mind tuning in each week to see what happened. Of course, when The Monkees weren’t on TV, their music would gain popularity. Hits like I’m Not Your Stepping Stone, Valleri, Daydream Believer, and Little Bit of Me, Little Bit of You kept The Monkees’ name alive.

“Monkee Mania” was hot in 1965, but it was not in 1968. Even band members were tired of dealing with TV executives. The sitcom ended. Years later, Jones, Tork, and Smith went on oldies tour outings. Nesmith occasionally joined them. Now, only Dolenz remains alive from this talented group.

Let’s take a look at the series’ Top 5 episodes according to IMDb.

‘The Devil and Peter Tork’

In this Season 1 episode, Peter becomes enamored with a harp. He makes a deal with the pawnshop owner named S. Zero. Peter signs a contract to own the harp but pay for it later. But there’s something amiss here. See, S. Zero made a deal for Peter’s soul. Peter eventually starts to play the harp and does so well.

The band puts the harp into its music, yet they are foiled! Zero comes back and reveals himself as The Devil. He demands to have Peter’s soul by midnight. Mike said he’ll take Zero to court over the contract. Eventually, down in Hades, Peter shows he can play the harp well.

‘Monkees on the Wheel’

Micky gets on a hot streak in Las Vegas as we come upon this Season 2 episode. Yeah, there’s a reason why that table is so good. It’s rigged! Pretty soon, Boss and Biggy arrive to steal that money back from the group. The Monkees get a 24-hour deadline to get the cash once more. This time, the guys dress up like old-school movie gangsters.

‘Monkees at the Movies’

The band, in this Season 1 episode, is sought out to be extras in Luther Kramm’s new movie. Well, they agree to do so. But they are not fans of Frankie Catalina, the big movie star. The Monkees upstage Frankie, so he’s out. Now, the boys make a push for Davyd to become the next teen idol.

‘Monkees Manhattan Style’

For this Season 1 episode, we see the Monkees travel to New York. There, they meet a young producer named Mackinley Baker at The Compton Plaza Hotel. Baker is about to be evicted from his hotel room. Plus, they are about to be bounced, too.

So, the group holds on to the room while Baker visits his backer. That fails. What’s next for the Monkees? When this does not work out, they try convincing members of the Millionaire’s Club across the street to back Baker’s play.

‘Monkees in Texas’

The guys go to Texas for a Season 2 show. Mike visits his Aunt Kate. The Monkees find the Nesmith Ranch being ambushed by Black Bart and his gang. Micky and Peter, dressed as The Lone Stranger and Pronto, go to town to seek help but end up joining Black Bart’s gang. Meanwhile, at the ranch, Mike tries to figure out what makes the Nesmith land so valuable.