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‘The Lucy Show’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

‘The Lucy Show’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

Lucille Ball had the world on a string in 1962, owning and running Desilu Studios while appearing on The Lucy Show. This new series for CBS marked the first time Ball ventured into a series without Desi Arnaz. Now divorced from Arnaz and remarried to Gary Morton, Ball set out to have a new sitcom.

The Lucy Show ran for six seasons with some cast changes taking place. Ball and Vivian Vance were together again as a team, this time as Lucy Carmichael and Vivian Bagley. Vance split time between the East Coast and West Coast due to family commitments. She was tired of the travel, so she left the show after a few seasons.

Ball worked off other people, most notably Gale Gordon. Gordon joined the cast as Lucy’s boss, Theodore J. Mooney. Their interactions provided comedy fodder for The Lucy Show. At first, Lucy and Vivian both had kids as part of their characters. Over time, they left the show and it pretty much became a Lucy-centric sitcom.

‘The Lucy Show’ Had Some Amazing Guest Stars

Guest stars ranging from Ann Southern and Carol Burnett to Dean Martin and Phil Silvers made their way to The Lucy Show. Ball worked well with the costars, allowing them to shine a little bit. Memorable episodes included Lucy going downstairs to Jack Benny’s vault, and trying to get Benny to put his money in Mooney’s bank. Wayne Newton was 23 years old when he sang on her show. It was supposed to lead to Newton getting his sitcom, but it didn’t pan out.

After The Lucy Show ended its run in 1968, Ball moved on to start up Here’s Lucy. She starred there with her kids, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr.

Let’s take a look at the top-ranked episodes for The Lucy Show, according to IMDb.

‘Lucy Puts Up an Antenna’

For this Season 1 episode, Lucy gets Viv to help her put up a new TV antenna on the roof. Does this go to plan? Not! Viv is afraid of heights, while Lucy is simply a klutz. Mix all of that and you have a recipe for madness. Lucy even gets stuck in the chimney, for goodness sake.

‘Lucy and Her Electric Mattress’

In this Season 1 episode, Viv gets a vibrating mattress. But it ends up causing trouble thanks to Lucy. So, they have to buy a new one. Where do they sleep? The boys’ bunk beds. Viv has claustrophobia, so sleeping in the top bunk is out for her. How will Lucy get up there? She finds some stilts, walks around the room, and rams into the top bunk. Lucy makes it! Viv sleeps through all of this. But Lucy chomps down on a potato chip. That wakes up Viv. It’s one of the series’ best episodes.

‘Lucy and the Ceramic Cat’

For a Season 3 episode, the girls grab a wrapped present for Mr. Mooney. It’s for him to give to his wife. But Lucy wants to know what’s in the wrapping paper. She accidentally ends up breaking it. Now, they have to go back to the department store. But it’s closed yet they see a gift in the front window. Lucy finds her way in there while Viv chats up with a police officer. It turns out that Lucy has to pretend that she’s a mechanical woman. Again, chaos reins on The Lucy Show.

‘Lucy Dates Dean Martin’

For a Season 4 episode, we get a Martin sighting here. It turns out that Dean’s double Eddie Feldman made a date with Lucy. He can’t make it, though, because he’s needed for a scene. Old Deano takes Eddie’s spot and goes on the date with Lucy as Eddie. Lucy brags to “Eddie” about how much more talented he is than Dean. On top of all this, the poor guy can’t get a drink to save his soul. Ball stated in the past that this was one of her favorite episodes on The Lucy Show.

‘Lucy and Viv Put in a Shower’

In yet another Season 1 doozy of an episode, Lucy and Viv find themselves in the shower. See, a plumber visited the house to fix problems with the shower. But Lucy had to meddle, so the plumber took a hike. This leaves Lucy and Viv to fix the issues in there. They can’t fully turn the water off. It leads to the entire shower getting filled with water. The girls struggle to keep their heads above the water. It all ends up being a big mess, one only created on the show there.