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‘The Honeymooners’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

‘The Honeymooners’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

When Jackie Gleason first introduced his own cast of characters to the world, The Honeymooners did play a big part. It all started out as a sketch on his variety show. Sometimes, the entire hour-long show would be devoted to a Honeymooners sketch. Finally, CBS decided to give Gleason a deal for a half-hour sitcom.

The show ran for just one season—39 episodes. After their initial network run, these shows would find their way into the land of reruns. They haven’t been off TV since the 1950s.

Gleason plays Ralph Kramden, a bus driver who wants to always do better for his wife Alice (Audrey Meadows). His neighbor Ed Norton (Art Carney) and his wife Trixie (Joyce Randolph) make their way downstairs a lot to hang with the Kramdens. It’s one whale of a comedy show. According to IMDb, here are the top five episodes.

The $99,000 Answer

Ralph decides he’s going on a game show and win big. He’s nervous at first but gets out when the show ends and he’s got a week to work on learning music. Ralph goes all out. Records, Norton playing piano, and even neighbors stopping by to test his skills. Yet Ralph ends up not simply knowing a song he’d heard plenty of times on The Honeymooners.

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

It’s Christmas and Ralph needs to get a gift for Alice on The Honeymooners. In order to do so, he takes one of his most precious items – his bowling ball – and sells it. Ralph turns that money into getting Alice a gift. It’s one that will have Alice squeezing for juice for a long, long time.

Better Living Through TV

Ralph decides he’s going to get rich by selling an all-purpose kitchen gadget. Yet how can he reach more people to do so? Go on television on The Honeymooners. And that’s what Ralph and Norton do together. One catch: Ralph has a serious case of stage fright. It plays a part in how this episode pans out.

The Golfer

In this episode, Ralph finds himself up for a promotion. But to get on the boss’ good side, he’s agreed to meet him and play a round of golf. Well, that’s OK but Ralph doesn’t know how to play golf. Norton comes to the hilarious rescue and it all breaks down on The Honeymooners.

The Bensonhurst Bomber on ‘The Honeymooners’

Ralph and Norton are playing a game of pool but get interrupted by a smallish man on The Honeymooners. When they start picking on him, the man tells them he’ll go get his friend Harvey. The boys don’t budge. Ralph challenges the man’s friend to a fight. Well, when the smallish man comes back, he’s got Harvey with him. And Harvey is one strong-looking dude. Now we see Ralph try and wiggle his way out of the fight.