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‘The Golden Girls’: The 5 Best Side Characters

‘The Golden Girls’: The 5 Best Side Characters

With its continued mainstream popularity over 3 decades since its series finale, it’s safe to say that The Golden Girls is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time, with all manner of merch appearing on shelves alongside the likes of smash hit shows like Friends and The Office. The 80s sitcom truly has it all: a unique premise, hilarious stories, and a wealth of heartfelt, relatable moments. Like any crown jewel of television, however, its true shining star is its characters.

Now, it goes without saying that the four Golden Girls – Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia – carry the show with their shared razor-sharp wit and hysterical hijinks. But the show’s well of memorable, lovable, (sometimes even hatable) characters goes far deeper than its four stars!

From children to siblings to boyfriends to neighbors, these are the 5 best side characters of The Golden Girls.

Uncle Angelo

One of the more prominently featured family members, Sophia’s brother Angelo stands as one of the series’ most entertaining characters. Though he only appears in six episodes, Bill Dana gets the most out of each and every second as Uncle Angelo.

The elderly character’s relationship woes provide multiple entertaining moments, but his very first appearance is a personal favorite. In the Season 3 episode “My Brother, My Father,” Angelo reveals that he was never actually a priest, despite making a promise to his dear, sainted mother to become one. Why? A waitress and her “magnificent regal beauty,” of course.

Aunt Angela

Uncle Angelo is the most entertaining of the girls’ siblings, but Aunt Angela is a close second. Another of Sophia’s siblings who visit from Sicily every so often, Angela makes her debut as a surprise birthday gift from Dorothy to Sophia. To Dorothy’s surprise, however, their reunion is less than warm.

As it turns out, their feud boils down to a simple but sidesplitting misunderstanding. Angela never kissed Carmine – Sophia never even kissed Carmine.

Big Daddy (aka the Best ‘Golden Girls’ Side Character)

Curtis “Big Daddy” Hollingsworth is a uniquely entertaining character in that not only were his appearances but even the other Golden Girls characters’ references to him were hilarious. And as one of Blanche’s favorite people, there were quite a few Big Daddy stories throughout the series.

That said, his best was an in-person appearance, when he decided to put retirement aside to become a country singer. As you might expect, his country career was short-lived, but it ain’t gonna worry him for long.


Marguerite had a short tenure as the Girls’ housekeeper (like, less than one episode short), but the single episode packs a punch in terms of entertainment value.

Desperate for more time to study for law school, Marguerite convinces the girls that she has supernatural abilities to distract them from their still dirty house. The abundance of lingering dust bunnies forces the girls to fire her, at which point they face a series of unfortunate events and beg for Marguerite’s forgiveness. It was just a coincidence, though. Blanche’s boyfriend really did throw her over.

Miles Webber

Each of the Golden Girls had at least one stellar boyfriend. For Blanche, it was Jake, the handsome caterer who was just a little too lacking in social graces for Blanche’s Southern taste. For Dorothy, it was Ken, the lovable lawyer who traded his days in the courtroom for a clown nose.

None, however, were more charming (and got more screen time) than Miles, Rose’s college professor boyfriend. Things go off the rails a little with The Cheeseman, but even a bizarre witness protection storyline can’t take away from the character’s likability.