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The Funniest 90s Sitcom Thanksgiving Episodes

The Funniest 90s Sitcom Thanksgiving Episodes

90s Sitcoms are crammed to the brim like a stuffed Turkey with great Thanksgiving episodes. Here are some of our favorites. We’re starting with some of the episodes you’ve probably heard of, then digging into the turkey for deeper favorite cuts.

‘The One With All The Thanksgivings’

Friends ran for ten seasons and had a few memorable Turkey Day episodes. However, we’re going to go with the most bang for your buck with this season five episode that aired in 1998. After devouring Monica’s delectable turkey dinner, the gang gathers to reminisce about their most unforgettable Thanksgiving memories. Many of these anecdotes involve the characters during their younger, more awkward years. The best flashback might be when Ross introduced Monica to Chandler at the Geller home.

‘Bart vs. Thanksgiving’

No list of 90s sitcoms could skip The Simpsons. The animated classic is famous for its yearly Halloween specials, but they have one of the best Turkey Day offerings around. In season two’s “Bart vs. Thanksgiving”, Bart runs away from home after destroying Lisa’s Thanksgiving centerpiece. However, when Bart eventually overhears Lisa crying, he decides to come home and apologize for the destruction and the ensuing argument. It’s a reminder of an era in which The Simpsons didn’t shy away from having a heart.

‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Celebrates Thanksgiving 90s Sitcom Style

In this season one episode, Will’s mom visits the Banks’ for Thanksgiving. Upset that the kids rely on the butler Geoffrey for all the work, she confronts Vivian. Vy’s criticism prompts Vivian to assign the kids the task of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, the preparations get out of hand. Eventually, it’s revealed that Will’s mom is upset that he’s already so well adjusted in his new home. “Talking Turkey” ends with Vy accepting that Will is happy, leading to more guest appearances from Vernee Watson as Will’s mother over the years.

‘Boy Meets World’ Celebrates Turkey Day

Boy Meets World was a must-watch for 90s kids everywhere. In “Turkey Day”, an episode of season four, Cory and Shawn explore African tribal prejudice in class, leading to an unforgettable Thanksgiving gathering of their families. This holiday special not only brings us laughs but also reminds us of the importance of family and embracing diverse backgrounds.

“The Chickens Are Loaded!”

Over a decade, Family Matters transformed from a standard issue sitcom to the adventures of break-out star Steve Urkel. Many of the biggest laughs from the show involved the annoying nerd inadvertently tormenting the family’s patriarch, the beleaguered police officer Carl Winslow. In season eight’s “Chick-a-Boom”, Myra accidentally puts Urkel’s mini fireworks on the stuffed chickens she made for dinner, hoping to help Carl impress his boss. Of course, poor Carl’s Thanksgiving Police Banquet goes up in smoke. We dare you not to laugh when Urkel exclaims, “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! THE CHICKENS ARE LOADED!”

“It’s a Smoked Turkey, You Idiot!”

King of the Hill delivered a few Thanksgiving gems that are etched in our memories. Season four’s “Happy Hank’s-Giving”, which aired in 1999, serves up the chaos of air travel. Hank and company become stranded at the airport, but not before his prized turkey is blown up by airport security. And the grand finale? A down-to-earth Thanksgiving feast scrounged up with items from the Airport Food court.