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The Funniest 60s Sitcom Thanksgiving Episodes

The Funniest 60s Sitcom Thanksgiving Episodes

There was a time when numerous television sitcom shows would include Thanksgiving episodes in their yearly schedule. Back in the 60s, sitcom writers put their cast members on the spot for Thanksgiving. You never knew what these shows would do to turn up the laughs.

Looking back, though, there are a few episodes that can kick up the laughs. Let’s get started.

“Samantha’s Thanksgiving to Remember,” Bewitched (1967)

Ah yes, Bewitched blended some history into this funny Season 4 episode. Thanks to Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne), Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery), Darrin (Dick York), and Tabitha (Erin Murphy) visit the original pilgrims… in Plymouth 1620. Oh, let’s not forget Gladys Kravitz (Sandra Gould), who also finds herself back in the day. See, Clara had the itch to visit her friends in Plymouth. Her incantation spells are a bit off here. We are the recipients of seeing how all of this gets resolved before Thanksgiving in the 60s holiday special.

“Low-Cal Munster,” The Munsters (1964)

Let’s stop off with the 60s classic, The Munsters Thanksgiving episode. Herman (Fred Gwynne) is going to meet with some friends from his days in the service. But his old uniform is too, too tight for him to wear. Time to go on a crash diet. Hearing family members talk about food in such a loving way drives Herman nuts. Finally, he roars out of the house, looks inside another family’s house…and sees the cake. It was his family’s idea to have him go on a diet! Our Man Herman makes like a hurdler (almost) to that cake.

“Elly’s First Date,” The Beverly Hillbillies (1962)

In this first season Thanksgiving episode of The Beverly Hillbillies (1962), Elly May (Donna Douglas) prepped and got ready for her first date. Who could it be with after all? None other than Sonny Drysdale (Louis Nye). Meanwhile, Granny (Irene Ryan) and Jed (Buddy Ebsen) work to get the billiard table set for Thanksgiving dinner. Ultimately, the Clampett clan and the Drysdales shared their dinner together.

“Turkey Day,” The Beverly Hillbillies (1963)

We get a chance to return to The Beverly Hillbillies for this Season 2 episode. This time, Elly has an attachment issue with none other than a turkey. Jed has his eyes on the turkey for the family Thanksgiving dinner. Elly does not want a feather to be damaged on that bird. What will happen and who will win?

“Ed, the Pilgrim,” Mister Ed (1962)

On Mister Ed, apparently, Wilbur (Alan Young) needed to have some clarification about the real story of Turkey Day. Well, who in the world would be better to tell him about Thanksgiving than 60s icon Mister Ed? It makes all the sense in the world.