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‘The Brady Bunch’: Where to Stream, Watch Episodes

‘The Brady Bunch’: Where to Stream, Watch Episodes

Following the hijinx of the Brady family never gets dull or boring, especially when sitting down to watch an episode of The Brady Bunch. There is always something going on to keep you watching minute by minute. Florence Henderson and Robert Reed manage to hold the fort down as Carol and Mike Brady, parents of a brood of six children. Toss in a housekeeper named Alice and the fun begins.

Where to Watch ‘The Brady Bunch’

If you are looking to spend time and pick up an episode, there are some options. One of them is to tune into Pluto TV and catch a few there for free with ads. When it comes to other streaming options, these are available to you.

The Sitcom’s Star-Studded Cast

The show debuted in 1969 with its first episode showing Mike and Carol getting married. We also were introduced to the six kids that make up the Brady family. On the boys side, Greg was played by Barry Williams, Peter by Christopher Knight, and Bobby by Mike Lookinland. As for the girls, Marcia was played by Maureen McCormick, Jan was played by Eve Plumb, and Cindy was played by Susan Olsen.

It’s interesting to note that the creative mind behind The Brady Bunch was Sherwood Schwartz. His name might not be familiar to some, but he also happened to be responsible for another classic TV sitcom favorite in Gilligan’s Island.

Don’t look for heavy handed topics to be part of the fare on The Brady Bunch. Sure, sibling rivalries were addressed on there. Tensions between the kids usually were diffused thanks to some frank, compassionate discussion from Mike or Carol. Then we also have Alice the housekeeper, played splendidly by Ann B. Davis. Fans of the show know that Alice does her part in keeping those kids in line. She also makes time for her fellow, Sam the Butcher, played by veteran character actor Allan Melvin.

New Generations Get Introduced to the Show

One reason generation after generation gets introduced to The Brady Bunch is that the show has humor but also can pop up a life lesson here or there. Sometimes, the plots might seem a little far-fetched. For instance in one episode, Marcia happened to be visited by Davy Jones of The Monkees. Sports fans can also be on the lookout for guest appearances on there. In one episode, Greg happens to meet up with Los Angeles Dodgers player Wes Parker. Others from the L.A. area will pop up during the show’s five-season run.

These shows run a half-hour and that 30 minutes usually flies by when you are having fun. The Brady Bunch was not a big ratings hit during its original run on ABC. But there was enough viewer support thanks to fans writing letters to the network to keep it going. Meh, we won’t talk about the variety show from the 1970s or the movie action. It’s all about the nostalgic times of classic TV here.