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‘The Brady Bunch:’ Christopher Knight Says Fans Are Nostalgic for Classic Series’ Family Values

‘The Brady Bunch:’ Christopher Knight Says Fans Are Nostalgic for Classic Series’ Family Values

The Brady Bunch was a hit when it debuted in 1969, and it remains a hit today. Former star Christopher Knight believes that’s because fans were— and still are—drawn to the Brady’s family values. 

Knight, who played middle son Peter, spoke to Fox News about his time with the classic TV series earlier this week. He explained that old generations remain fans of the show because they’re nostalgic for the family dynamics. And new generations become fans because they “need that validation and a warm, safe place.

“Not all have it,” he said. “Some escape with the Bradys to give them that feeling. Others join us because it reminds them of a safer time in their childhood because they did have a family similar to the Bradys or aspired to be something, something that was reflective of the Bradys. And we need more of it. We need more of it in our adult lives. The kind of mutual respect and understanding and willingness to cooperate that is shown on the show is something that we could all use more of in our lives, and our lives would be better as a result. It’s all a matter of just the willingness.”

Christopher Knight Credits ‘The Brady Bunch’ For Keeping Him Out of Trouble

In fact, Christopher Knight credits the on-screen and off-screen relationships of The Brady Bunch for who he turned out to be. He said “there was a lot of love and respect” between the cast members, and the weekly stories taught him morals he may not have learned otherwise. He also noted that he and most of the other young actors stayed away from typical child star troubles. And he credited their deep respect for Mrs. Brady actress Florence Henderson for that. 

A few of the cast members struggled to handle the pressure of fame in their own ways. And Knight admitted that they all quietly pushed boundaries as all kids do. But they all managed to grow into well-rounded adults, and there were never any headlining scandals about the teens. 

“I mean, we’re not without our moments — our cast members,” admitted Knight. “…But then I laugh because we’re looked at as a giant success for staying out of jail, which really isn’t very fair. I mean, that’s a low bar.”