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‘The Andy Griffith Show’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

‘The Andy Griffith Show’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

For eight seasons, The Andy Griffith Show provided a lot of laughs and even a few life lessons along the way. Griffith starred as Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry, a man who shared wisdom while also taking care of the city. Don Knotts was Deputy Barney Fife, a loyal co-worker who would find himself in different predicaments.

Ron Howard (then known as Ronnie Howard) starred as Opie, Andy’s son. He finds himself either at the sheriff’s office, playing at home, or hanging out with friends. Frances Bavier was Aunt Bee, who took care of the Taylor home while also making sure Andy and Opie got some good food. Every episode had a little special twist to it.

According to IMDb, these are the top five. See if they match your list.


Barney and Floyd (Howard McNear) find themselves caught in the web of three escaped female prisoners. This episode of The Andy Griffith Show sees Barney dragged into a lengthy dance with Big Maude Tyler (Reta Shaw). But the big rescue happens thanks to Barney’s dancing skills…and Andy arriving just in the nick of time in this Season 3 episode.

Christmas Story

From Season 1, we find businessman Ben Weaver (Will Wright) needing to have moonshiner Sam Muggins (Sam Edwards) behind bars. Yes, even at Christmastime. Well, Ben gets his way but not without Andy making sure the entire Muggins family sticks together for the holiday. Barney even shows up as Santa Claus. There’s a touching scene when Andy and Ellie (Elinor Donohue) sing “Away In A Manger” on The Andy Griffith Show.

The Pickle Story

Aunt Bee loves making her pickles but they really don’t go over well with Andy, Barney, and Opie. They’re not good. But Andy and Barney decide to replace Bee’s with others that they bought. That’s to avoid eating hers. Still, Bee goes ahead and enters the county fair. But she goes up against Clara (Hope Summers). It’s a tough test here in the Season 2 episode of The Andy Griffith Show.

The Haunted House

A stray baseball happens to find its way into a very scary-looking house. There’s no way that Opie or his friends are going in there. That leaves Andy and Barney to take up the task. And they even have Gomer (Jim Nabors) along for the scary fun. This is from Season 4 of The Andy Griffith Show.

Barney’s First Car

After working so hard and saving up his money, Barney decides to put his hard-earned cash down on a new car. He’s quite excited about it and invites everyone out for a ride. But the fun comes to a screeching halt when Barney comes to the realization that he’s been sold a clunker. This is a Season 3 episode of The Andy Griffith Show.

Pick Your Favorite Andy Griffith Episode

While these are the top five ranked on IMDb, there are a whole host of other episodes worthy of being considered, too. For instance, “Man In A Hurry” was ranked sixth, just out of the top five.