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‘That ’70s Show’ Star Realls How Demi Moore Ruined a Scene in Series Finale

‘That ’70s Show’ Star Realls How Demi Moore Ruined a Scene in Series Finale

Actor Josh Meyers is dialing back and looking at a scene from That ’70s Show, one which involved actress Demi Moore.

Meyers, who played new guy Randy Pearson in the show’s final season, revealed in a recent podcast appearance that Moore ruined an emotional take during the series finale. How did she do this? By answering her phone. At the time, Moore, who starred in Ghost, was married to Ashton Kutcher. who starred in the sitcom as Michael Kelso.

“The last scene of That ’70s Show was New Year’s Eve 1979,” Meyers said on Wednesday on SiriusXM’s Podcrushed, EW.com reported. “It was a very hard scene for the cast to get through because they had done this show for so long, and it’s emotional when you get to the end of a show… People were crying. People were stumbling over lines. We kept having to reset. We kept having to have makeup come out.”

‘That ’70s Show’ Went Through Multiple Resets

They went through multiple takes, but Meyers said the cast was “finally getting it” together when something started making noise on set. “They had sort of hit a stride, and it was like, ‘This is the shot, this is the take.’ And a phone rang,” he said. “It was to Demi Moore. And she took the call! And the director was like, ‘What?’”

Meyers said, “She was like, ‘Yeah, hello,’ and we had to do it again. It was really amazing. I mean, no disrespect, Demi, but… it’s a pretty high-level Hollywood flex to take that call in that situation.” Wow, that’s a boss move right there, Demi Moore.

The ’70s Show finale had many see the return of Point Place friends new and old, including Topher Grace. He last led the cast as Eric Forman before he left in Season 7. Eric was largely replaced by Meyers’ Randy, a fact that people on the street still refuse to let him live down.

Meyers Still Runs Into Fans of the Show

“There are people that I’ll run into and they’ll be like, ‘I hate you, you stole Eric’s girlfriend,’” Meyers said. “And I’m like, ‘No! His name is Topher, he went to go do Spider-Man 2, I didn’t steal anybody’s anything.’” (Grace starred as Eddie Brock/Venom in the Tobey Maguire-headlined Spider-Man trilogy.)

Meyers does have fond memories from his time on the series. “Everyone was so nice. Everyone was so welcoming,” he said. “It also — it wasn’t like I was stepping into like a new lead position like I was a new side character.

“They had that show down to a science in the last year,” he said. “We probably worked 24-hour workweeks, and we would tape on Friday night and it was an event. It was such a popular show.”