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Ted Danson’s Latest TV Appearance Just Passed a Long-Standing ‘Cheers’ Record

Ted Danson’s Latest TV Appearance Just Passed a Long-Standing ‘Cheers’ Record

Ted Danson has stayed busy since his bartending days as Sam Malone on Cheers, but he one-upped himself on Sunday night. Danson has played a caricature of himself in 12 seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the long-running HBO sitcom that stars Larry David.

When Danson played Malone, the former Boston Red Sox baseball player, for 11 seasons on Cheers, that was recognized as a record for him. The record is marked as Danson’s longest-running series based on a season count. He also went on Frasier, a spinoff of Cheers, back in 1995 as Malone. But he recorded a new personal record for himself, appearing in 12 seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s 24 years. Danson made his first Curb appearance in the first season’s second episode, ScreenRant reports.

Ted Danson Could Even Set Another Record

Curb Your Enthusiasm made its first appearance on HBO’s schedule back in 2000. The show has been a part of HBO’s schedule, even in reruns, for 24 years. Danson could break this record by taking another turn on Frasier. But this time, it’s Kelsey Grammer’s reboot of Frasier. The show finished its first “new” season on the streaming Paramount Network. There has not been any news on a second season at this time.

Should that second season happen and Danson shows up, he’d set a new record. That would make it a 42-year difference between Danson’s first appearance on Cheers and the Frasier one, playing Sam Malone.

Danson, though, did spend time as a cast member on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. That doesn’t count on his season count because Danson was not part of the original cast.

Other shows in which Danson held a lead role include Becker, Damages, and The Good Places. While these lasted for some time on network television, they did not reach the level of Cheers or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Well, speaking of Cheers, Danson made an appearance at this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards. He was not alone, though, as the ceremony paid homage to some classic TV sitcoms. Cheers was honored in a brief skit.

‘Cheers’ Got A Special Time At Emmys

Besides Danson, other cast members who did show up included Grammer, Rhea Perlman, John Ratzenberger, and George Wendt. Shelley Long reportedly was going to show up as well, but she declined. Woody Harrelson was not available as Danson talked about the situation a bit.

“I’m sorry Shelley [wasn’t there] and Woody was off doing a play in London – which I saw, and he was amazing,” Danson told the New York Post. “But it was lovely.”

There was no word as to what kept Long away from the Cheers segment. For the Emmy moment, a makeshift bar was set up with Danson behind it. Perlman stepped alongside Danson, while Grammer, Ratzenberger, and Wendt took up barstools.

Cheers proved to be quite a successful show, anchoring NBC’s “Must See TV” Thursday night schedule. Of course, the show suffered a cast loss when Nicholas Colasanto, who played Coach, died. Harrelson came on board as Woody, who did a great job in his role. Long left the show, making space for Kirstie Alley to join it as Rebecca.

Spinoffs were taking place, too, thanks to The Tortellis and Frasier. Of course, that first one bombed but the second one scored big. And now, Danson could set himself a new record thanks to the updated Frasier. That’s quite a journey unfolding for this fine actor.