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‘Tales from the Crypt’: The Most Surprising Guest Stars

‘Tales from the Crypt’: The Most Surprising Guest Stars

Tales from the Crypt was a favorite show for 90s kids to secretly watch late night on HBO. It was the perfect mix of humor and chills. Part of the fun of tuning in was to see what high-profile celebrities would visit the Crypt Keeper’s horrible abode. For season seasons, huge stars would creep it up. Here’s a list of some of the most surprising of Hollywood’s elite to make an appearance.

5. Michael J. Fox

Fresh off the success of Family Ties and the Back to the Future film, Michael J. Fox stopped by the Crypt. Fox did so in order to stretch himself as a director rather than an actor. The season three episode, “The Trap” is about a reprehensible man evading work and orchestrating an intricate scheme to fake his death for insurance fraud. The man goes under the knife for a complete transformation, only to be betrayed by his own wife and brother. Though he helmed the Tales from the Crypt episode, Fox also appears in a scene. Fox portrays the prosecutor in the fraud case, hamming it up as he badgers the schemer on the stand.

4. Christopher Reeve

That’s right, Superman himself, Christopher Reeve, made a pit stop on Tales from the Crypt. In the season four episode “What’s Cooking?”, Reeve plays a hapless chief trying to keep his failing restaurant afloat. However, a drifter (Judd Nelson) drops by, serving up a very special recipe. Spoiler: It’s people! Of course, business booms when Reeve’s character starts serving human steaks. This one is really fun because you can tell Reeve is having a blast playing against his squeaky-clean public persona.

3. Ewan McGregor

Not long before he was playing a young Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Ewan McGregor popped up in the final season of Tales from the Crypt. In “Cold War,” Ewan McGregor plays Ford, one of three robbers whose heist goes wrong. Ford and his girlfriend Cammy escape, but their friend Cutter isn’t as lucky. As they go their separate ways, Cammy starts a new relationship with Jimmy. Driven by jealousy, Ford shoots Jimmy impulsively, only to uncover a startling secret that connects them all. It’s a kick seeing McGregor doing TV just before he hit superstardom.

2. Brad Pitt

Just before achieving international fame in blockbuster movies, Brad Pitt showcased his talent in a notable episode of Tales from the Crypt. Season four’s “King of the Road” revolves around a hot-rod racer who arrives in a small town with the intention of provoking the local Sheriff into participating in a final street race. Directed by Fright Night mastermind Tom Holland, “King of the Road” is a stand out of the series. Pitt is sinister, put playful, traits he would carry over roles like Tyler Durden in Fight Club.

1. Most Surprising ‘Tales from the Crypt’ Appearance… Arnold.

Perhaps the biggest Hollywood action star of the 80s and 90s, Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a gleeful appearance on Tales from the Crypt. Schwarzenegger makes his directorial debut with the season two episode, “The Switch”. The episode centers around an elderly gentleman who yearns to capture the affections of a significantly younger woman. To achieve this, he exhausts his entire wealth in an attempt to exchange his aging body parts with those of a much younger and buff stud. Schwarzenegger only actually appears alongside the Crypt Keeper in the opening of the episode, but his enthusiasm and clear delight definitely heighten the proceedings.