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‘Tales From the Crypt’: The Crypt Keeper’s Funniest Costumes

‘Tales From the Crypt’: The Crypt Keeper’s Funniest Costumes

Tales from the Crypt, the cult anthology horror show that’s favorite to 90s kids, was hosted by the delightfully deceased Crypt Keeper. Voiced in a high-pitched, whimsical shrill by John Kassir, the Crypt Keeper introduced viewers to each spine-tingling episode. The Crypt Keeper would help set the tone, often helped by his elaborate costumes. So settle in Fang club, as we gaze at the Crypt Keeper outfits that really tickled our funny bones.

5. Santa

Ho ho ho kiddies! It’s true, the Crypt Keeper dressed as Old Saint Neck in the second episode of season one. “And All Through the House” involves an escaped killer dressed as Santa stalking a woman who’s trying to cover up that she just murdered her husband. With that plot, it’s only fitting that Crypt Keeper dons the red and white suit and hat, complete with a beard and porcelain mask. This wasn’t the last time our horrifying host would deck the halls. In 1994, Warner Brothers released a Tales from the Crypt holiday album called Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas. The record boasted 15 tracks, including one showing off the Keeper’s hip-hop chops, “Christmas Rap”.

4. Forrest Gump visits ‘Tales from the Crypt’

Care for a shockolate? In season six’s “You Murderer”, the Crypt Keeper went full Forrest Gump. He had a white suit, a blue and white checkered shirt, and a sweet crew cut just like Tom Hanks in his signature role. Heck, the Keeper even had a box of chocolates… er… a box of body parts. The episode had nothing to do with Gump, but it did use the same special effects that helped Hanks look like he was interacting with historical figures. This Tales from the Crypt involves a character getting plastic surgery to look like Humprey Bogart and uses real footage of Bogie. The opening gag makes even more sense considering the director of Forrest Gump, Robert Zemeckis, helmed this episode.

3. Elvis and The Beatles

Can’t carry a tomb? Neither could the Crypt Keeper, even when he dressed as Elvis in the intro for season four’s “On a Deadman’s Chest. This Tales from the Crypt deals with a rock star getting a tattoo that possesses him, and the Keeper goes full tilt, Vegas-era Elvis, complete with a satin jumpsuit and mutton chops. Ever the undead diva, for the outro the Crypt Keeper dressed as the Beatles during their Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Band phase.

2. Floyd the Barber

It’s enough to make you terror your hair out! Some may argue that the Crypt Keeper is simply dressed as a generic barber for this season six episode. However, his black toupee and mustache, along with his old-school barber’s smock echo Mayberry’s signature stylist. “Doctor of Horror” concerns a pair of bumbling security guards stealing a body from the morgue for a mad scientist. Not exactly a story that calls for the Keeper’s elaborate costume and barber set (complete with a classic barber’s pole). However, as Tales from the Crypt progressed, the opening sketches often deviated from the themes of the episode.

1. ‘Tales from the Crypt’ channels Uncle Sam

In season six’s “The Bribe”, the Crypt Keeper was dressed for a spot in the Fright House! This Tales from the Crypt centers on a fire marshal using his authority to shut down a business for personal reasons, so it’s fitting that the Keeper aligns with the political theme. Our horror host wears positively patriotic threads to mirror the iconic Uncle Sam. A top hat and suit sporting the star and stripes, along with the star-spangled banner draped behind him makes the Keeper look (un)born on the 4th of July!