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Susan Lucci and Shemar Moore Recreate Iconic 1999 Moment at Daytime Emmys

Susan Lucci and Shemar Moore Recreate Iconic 1999 Moment at Daytime Emmys

Susan Lucci, for many years, was a staple of soap opera fans as she played naughty, sassy Erica Kane on All My Children. But she had a rather long streak where she didn’t win a Daytime Emmy Award for her work. Well, that all ended in 1999 when Lucci’s peers recognized her work and gave her a Daytime Emmy win.

Who was the person that announced her win? None other than former soap star Shemar Moore. Back in 1999, before announcing Lucci’s name, Moore said, “The streak is over!”

See, Susan Lucci had been nominated 21 times for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. So, it made sense for Moore to be present when Lucci received a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s awards ceremony.

“On the 19th nomination, when I heard Shemar Moore announce, ‘The streak is over,’ and then he said my name, I began by thanking God for the many blessings,” Lucci said in her acceptance speech on Dec. 15. “And I begin there again tonight.”

Susan Lucci Said She’s Lucky To Have Dreams Come True

“How lucky am I, to dream my dreams of becoming an actress and grow up and have my dreams come true,” Lucci said. “Oh, there were obstacles and there were roadblocks. I mean, they were wannabe obstacles and roadblocks. But tonight’s a night to celebrate and for saying,’ ‘Thank you.’”

Susan Lucci then expressed gratitude for her parents, her teachers and All My Children creator Agnes Nixon. Kane called Nixon “the visionary storyteller who gave me the part of a lifetime — the fabulously flawed Erica Kane.”

Susan Lucci said of Kane, “She was the naughty girl in town. She was the bad girl in town. She was the troublemaker. And yes, she was all that, but Agnes had other plans for her, too, in addition, and the fans were smart enough. They saw behind the labels, and they could see that in Erica, she was a girl who had dreams for herself. And underneath all of that naughtiness, she had determination and drive and spirit and spunk and that’s what they loved.”

Lucci had mad respect for her many co-stars. She called them the “most accomplished and talented actors in New York.”

“We were in the trenches together,” she added.

Susan Lucci said her son, Andreas Huber, was in the crowd to support her. “I feel your dad’s presence tonight with us, too,” she said. Her late husband, Helmut Huber, died in 2022.

Andy Cohen, Carol Burnett Pay Tribute To Lucci

Other shows Susan Lucci has appeared in include Dallas, Hot in Cleveland, and Army Wives. She hosted Saturday Night Live in 1990 and competed on Dancing With the Stars.

Talk show host Andy Cohen congratulated Lucci on her award. He said that Lucci deserves a “bookcase full of Emmys” for her career.

“You were the first diva I fell in love with,” Cohen said in a brief video. “And I’ve been captivated ever since.”

Carol Burnett showed a clip for her former co-star. She said, “Oh Susan, I am so happy for you. Nobody deserves this award more than you do. “I had such a good time working with you on All My Children.’ Of course, you’re not the diva that everybody thought you were. You’re just the total opposite. Let me just put it this way: You are permanently terrific. Congratulations. Love you.”