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‘Step by Step’ Cast Reunites, Dishes Behind the Scenes Memories at Hollywood Show

‘Step by Step’ Cast Reunites, Dishes Behind the Scenes Memories at Hollywood Show

The Step By Step cast reunited at the Hollywood Show in Burbank, California, reminiscing and honoring the late Suzanne Somers. On stage, there were four cast members from the show: Patrick Duffy as Frank Lambert, Staci Keanan portraying Dana Foster, Christine Lakin as Alicia ‘Al’ Lambert, and Sasha Mitchell in the role of Cody Lambert.

The 90s sitcom depicted the journey of Frank (played by Patrick Duffy) and Carol (portrayed by Suzanne Somers), both single parents with three children each, as they tied the knot and merged their families. Airing from 1991 to 1998, the show ran for seven successful seasons.

Carol’s children, known as the Foster family, included Dana, Karen (played by Angela Watson), and Mark (portrayed by Christopher Castile). Frank’s children, part of the Lambert family, were J.T. (Brandon Call), Al, and Cody.

Series co-lead Patrick Duffy recalled Suzanne Sommers fondly, calling her fearless. “I don’t think you can do funny comedy unless you have no shame,” Duffy explained at the show via Remind. “Suzanne [Somers] was that person. She was absolutely fearless. We did things to Sasha [back then] that we’d be arrested for today. Once, we basically lit him on fire. He had this suit on. In the script, something blew up in our backyard. He came in with smoke all around him.”

Patrick Duffy and Sasha Mitchell Had Screen Ties Before ‘Step By Step’

Meanwhile, Sasha Mitchell portrayed the illegitimate first-born son of J.R. Ewing and his former girlfriend Vanessa Beaumont in Dallas. The series ran for nearly a decade before Sasha joined the cast of Dallas. However, Duffy claims Sasha’s Dallas ties had nothing to do with landing his Step By Step role.

“Sasha got everything he got all by himself,” Duffy insisted. “I’m the last to know. I don’t involve myself in production at all. I never made a suggestion at Dallas. Not even in the reboot.”

“They didn’t ask if I show up on time?”, Sasha quipped.

Christine Lakin also had a solid pitch for a Step By Step reboot. “I’ve got a great pitch for a reunion,” she began. “I think two or three of the kids have to get back together because it hasn’t worked out with their partners and they have all these kids to raise. Patrick can recur or be on as often as he wants,” she said before quipping,” He can live in a van.”

Lakin believes a Step By Step reboot could be relevant in today’s social climate. “[The show] started when people weren’t talking about divorce or blended families. Now we see all kinds of families. Friends who are families.”