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‘Sons of Anarchy’: The Most Surprising Guest Stars

‘Sons of Anarchy’: The Most Surprising Guest Stars

Sons of Anarchy gained fans from all walks of life during its seven seasons, leading to some high-profile cameos. From rock stars to best-selling authors, the adventures of Jax Teller and SAMCRO attracted some surprising guest stars. Here’s a look at some of our favorite celebrities to pop up in Charming, California.

5. Stephen King

Kicking off the list is probably the world’s most famous living author, Stephen King. The prolific horror writer is an avid fan of Sons of Anarchy. He even described the adult Danny Torrance as looking like series lead Charlie Hunnam in his The Shining sequel, Dr. Sleep. In Season 3, Gemma’s caretaker, Amelia, tragically meets her demise by accidentally stabbing herself (it happens). To handle the disposal of the body, Tig enlists the services of a professional “cleaner” named Bachman, portrayed by King. Of course, King fans know that the character’s name is a reference to his pseudonym, Richard Bachman. King used the pen name for some of his more off-kilter ideas, such as Rage and The Running Man.

4. Lea Michele

Perhaps the most unlikely guest to appear on Sons of Anarchy is Lea Michelle. In one of the final episodes, Gemma meets a young waitress named Gertie (Michele) at a truck stop. Initially impatient with her, Gemma starts to like her over time. During a cigarette break, Gemma opens up to Gertie about her son’s wife’s recent death, conveniently leaving out the fact that she was responsible for the tragedy. The Glee and Scream Queens star is famous for her pipes and all-smile persona, so playing alongside Gemma as a beleaguered waitress was out of left field.

3. Sonny Barger, a Real-Life Influence of ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Of course, Sons of Anarchy draws significant inspiration from the renowned motorcycle club, The Hells Angels. The club’s endorsement and a guest appearance by Sonny Barger, one of their most prominent members, added to the show’s authenticity. Barger, the original member of Hells Angels in California, wrote five books about motorcycle clubs. His writings offer valuable knowledge about the world of Hells Angels and provide a glimpse into the workings and dynamics of these unique groups.

Barger plays Lenny the Pimp, a character who communicates by applying pressure to his throat due to a laryngectomy. This unique portrayal is not a creative choice but reflects Barger’s personal experience. After battling throat cancer in the 1980s, caused by heavy smoking, Barger had his vocal cords removed. Despite this, he adapted and found a way to communicate by exerting pressure on his esophagus.

2. Dave Navarro

In season 5 of Sons of Anarchy, musician and Ink Master host Dave Navarro joined the cast as Arcadio Nerona. Appearing in 4 episodes, Arcadio, the cousin of Nero Padilla, played a significant role in the series as his girlfriend’s son used one of SAMCRO’s weapons in a school shooting. In the end, Arcadio’s betrayal and attempt to escape with his girlfriend resulted in his demise at the hands of Nero.

1. Courtney Love

Courtney Love is a prolific grunge rocker and recognized actress for turns in films like The People vs Larry Flint. However, Love is perhaps more infamous for hijinks outside of her professional life. From her battles with substance abuse to her turbulent relationship with Kurt Cobain, Love has garnered a reputation for being an unpredictable force. That’s why it was interesting seeing her play against this image on Sons of Anarchy.

The Hole singer breaks the mold by playing the role of a compassionate pre-kindergarten teacher named Ms. Harrison. When she notices cuts on Jax’s son, Abel, she responsibly reports the situation to child services. Later, when Abel’s grandmother, Gemma, visits the school, Ms. Harrison bravely confronts her and politely asks her to leave.