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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actors Who Starred in ‘The Walking Dead’

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actors Who Starred in ‘The Walking Dead’

Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead both had epic runs that managed to be concurrently alongside each other. Both shows were gritty, with major character death being commonplace. It only makes sense that the two shows would end up sharing cast members.

The FX series Sons of Anarchy, created by Kurt Sutter, aired from 2008 to 2014 with 7 seasons. Meanwhile, AMC’s The Walking Dead, based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book, ran from 2010 to 2022, totaling 177 episodes. Both series have spawned active spinoffs. That’s quite a lot of chances for the two casts to crossover.

In The Walking Dead Season 10, T2‘s Robert Patrick made an appearance as Mays and his twin brother. In Sons of Anarchy, he portrays Les Packer, the president of the San Bernardino chapter of the MC. The character even managed to pop up on the SOA spinoff, Mayans M.C.

A major actor to be in both franchises is Dayton Callie. Of course, he played Wayne Unser for the entire run of Sons of Anarchy. Meanwhile on Fear the Walking Dead, he starred as Jeremiah Otto for seasons two and three of the hit spinoff.

Kim Dickens portrayed the central character of Madison Clark in Fear the Walking Dead. In Sons of Anarchy, she appeared as Colette Jane, the proprietor of an escort agency, during the show’s sixth and seventh seasons.

Ryan Hurst Saw Parallels in His ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Roles

However, one of the most well-known actors to appear in both shows is Ryan Hurst. In The Walking Dead, he portrayed Beta, the second in command of the Whisperers. Meanwhile, on SOA, he played the beloved character Harry ‘Opie’ Winston, who made appearances throughout seasons 1-5. In a memorable episode of Sons of Anarchy, Opie selflessly makes the ultimate sacrifice for his motorcycle club brothers.

During an interview with Cinema Blend, Hurst drew a comparison between Beta and Opie. He highlighted that both characters had experienced profound loss, compelling them to transform into individuals they never envisioned becoming.

Opie, having lost everything, including his will to live, found himself at the brink of despair. But in his darkest hour, he rose as a martyr, sacrificing himself to save those he held dear.

Beta, once known as the entertainer Half Moon, was a sensitive and creative soul who enchanted his fans with his music. However, the apocalypse brought an end to all of that, forcing him to undergo a profound transformation in order to ensure his survival. He had to shed his former self completely and embrace a new identity, vastly different from the person he once was.