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‘Sesame Street’: Here’s What Cookie Monster’s Cookies Were Actually Made Of

‘Sesame Street’: Here’s What Cookie Monster’s Cookies Were Actually Made Of

Cookie Monster is one of the most beloved characters to ever hang out on Sesame Street and he’s always ready for a cookie. Talk about an obsession. He’s truly got one for those sweet cookies that he gobbles down. Yet, have you ever wondered what goes into making his cookies? You just might be surprised.

See, the ingredients of his cookies are different from others. For instance, he does not have cookies in his hairy hands. Nope, they are rice cakes that are painted to look like they are chocolate chip cookies.

Why is this done? Because Cookie Monster could find his paws messed up by the oil and chocolate used to make the cookies.

In addition, Cookie Monster’s fabric could turn greasy thanks to all of that oil and chocolate. So, when he starts popping cookies into his mouth, then you know they were prepped like rice cakes. There is a good reason to use the rice cakes. Ready? It’s so that when pieces of the cookie slip out of the mouth, they can harmlessly hit people underneath them.

Also, when he is “eating” his cookies, they might fall to the floor. It makes for a really funny and cool look for kids and their parents who are watching Sesame Street.

Cookie Monster has an insatiable appetite. He’s been known to eat whatever he can get his hands on at the time. You can hear him say many times, “Me want cookie!” And every time he says it, he means it.

Now, who in the world has been associated with Cookie Monster? As in, who has been his puppeteer? Frank Oz was the main puppeteer for him from 1969 until 2001. That’s when David Rudman took over the reins. Cookie Monster also has had Jim Henson helping him out, too.

Jim Henson Was a Puppeteer Early On Before He Died

This character is just one of many that Henson created in the Muppets world. Thankfully before he died, Henson got a chance to see him and his other Muppets achieve great success. The way that Cookie Monster carries himself is always cool to see. If you want him to be your friend, then just give him a cookie.

On Sesame Street, people have seen Cookie Monster go out on the town with a food truck. He’s just trying to spread the good news that cookies are OK to eat.

One thing is for sure, though. Cookie Monster will not give up his quest for good food or appetizers.