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‘Seinfeld’: The Hilarious Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Episode

‘Seinfeld’: The Hilarious Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Episode

Seinfeld was famous for being a show about nothing. However, Jerry and his gang managed to stuff a lot in a Thanksgiving-themed episode. Season six’s “Mom and Pop Store” has something for everyone. It features a celebrity cameo from Jon Voight, and Breaking Bad legend Bryan Cranston in his first appearance as Jerry’s dentist, Tim Whatley. Jerry also accidentally sabotages the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Woody Woodpecker float.

NBC knew they had a new 90s Thanksgiving classic episode on their hands. Take a look at this print ad they ran before the episode dropped in November of 1994.

What the ‘Seinfeld’ Thanksgiving Episode is About

It starts when Kramer convinces Jerry to send his sneakers to a local shoe repair store. While there, Kramer’s nose bleeds and he notices unsafe electrical wiring. Advising Mom and Pop to call an electrician, they realize they can’t afford the repairs, leading to the store’s closure and Jerry’s sneakers disappearing. This means the only footwear Jerry has left is a pair of cowboy boots.

Later, Elaine confesses her attraction to Jerry’s dentist, Tim Whatley. Elaine, George, and Kramer receive invitations to Whatley’s “Thanksgiving Eve” gathering, leaving Jerry unsure about his own invitation status.

Meanwhile, George aims to buy a 1989 Volvo sedan, but a persuasive salesman convinces him to get a 1989 LeBaron convertible. The salesman claims it was once owned by actor Jon Voight, but Jerry discovers that the previous owner was actually named John Voight. Jerry playfully teases George about the mix-up, leading George to kick Jerry out of the car.

This leads to Jerry fleeing from a group of muggers, only to slip on his cowboy boots and injure his teeth. Unfortunately, no dentist is available to see patients until Thanksgiving. Determined to find a solution, Jerry hatches a plan to infiltrate a party where numerous dentists will be in attendance.

While walking down the street, Kramer spots Jon Voight. As Kramer tries to ask about George’s car and reaches into Voight’s taxi, Voight grabs Kramer’s arm and bites it. Meanwhile, at work, Mr. Pitt challenges Elaine to guess the title of an old song for a chance to win a ticket to walk with the Woody Woodpecker float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. With perseverance, Elaine successfully identifies the song and gets the ticket. However, Elaine is deafened by the live band when she is presented with the ticket.

The ‘Thanksgiving Eve’ Party Goes Off the Rails

At the “Thanksgiving Eve” party, Elaine is still reeling from the loud music and accidentally declines a date with Whatley, mistaking his offer for nuts. Meanwhile, George and Kramer search for a dentist who can match the bite marks on Kramer’s arm to those on a chewed pencil. Whatley realizes that the car belonged to his periodontist friend, Dr. John Voight.

The episode all ties together when while baring his teeth at the dentist, Jerry inadvertently knocks over a miniature replica of the Empire State Building that Elaine had brought to the party. The statue goes flying out the window, puncturing the balloon featuring Woody Woodpecker with Mr. Pitt below it.

You can stream “Mom and Pop Store” (and all nine seasons of Seinfeld) on Netflix. If Turkey Day has you short on time, a bite-sized version of the Thanksgiving episode is available on Seinfeld‘s official YouTube channel.