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‘Sanford and Son’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

‘Sanford and Son’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

If you were looking for some primetime comedy in the 1970s, then there was no better show than Sanford and Son. Comedian Redd Foxx starred as junkman Fred Sanford, looking to keep his empire (as he called it) running. His son Lamont, played by Demond Wilson, put forth the daily heavy duty in the world of junk. Much of this show’s humor came from interactions between Fred and Lamont.

But they usually had a host of friends drop by the Sanford home. Most fans will remember Fred having his moments with Aunt Esther, played wonderfully by LaWanda Page. Listening to Fred and Esther bicker can bring a smile across even the most hard-hearted person. Fred’s friend Grady, played by Whitman Mayo, also managed to move his way into the picture.

Among Lamont’s friends was Rollo Lawson, played by Nathaniel Taylor. Well, there are many great episodes of Sanford and Son. Here are the top five as laid out by IMDb.

Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe

Fred finds himself with a big problem in this Season 3 episode. An old friend of Fred’s arrives at the Sanford home after making the trip from St. Louis. Now, this friend lets Fred know that he actually is Lamont’s real father. Fred probably could have used Maury Povich at this time. This news sends Fred into some troubled thinking. IMDb says this is the No. 1 rated episode of Sanford and Son. What do you say?

In this episode, also from Season 3, Lamont finds himself holding a traffic ticket. This doesn’t sit well with him or Fred. But Fred being Fred, he always has a plan. He tells Lamont to fight the ticket. Yet where will Lamont find some legal representation? Have no fear, Fred Sanford, attorney at law, is here. Oh boy, here come the laughs on Sanford and Son.

Rated X

Lamont and Rollo are looking to break into the acting business on Sanford and Son. It just so happens that they receive a casting call for a flick. Man, they figure that’s great. Off these two go. Yet guess who follows them? Fred, of course. When Lamont and Rollo get there, they think this movie work will bring them respectability. Yet the movie is an adult one. Now, what do they do? This is one of the best Season 2 episodes.

The Blind Mellow Jelly Collection

Fred is busy playing his Blind Mellow Jelly blues records. He’s enjoying them but Lamont is getting a bit upset about having to hear them on Sanford and Son. As the records keep on playing, Lamong stews and stews. But his stewing, though, is about to come to an end. Lamont finds out that these records are rare and actually worth hundreds of dollars. What happens in this Season 2 episode of Sanford and Son?

The Card Sharps

Well, Lamont is busy getting down with his card game on Sanford and Son. In this Season 2 episode, Fred is almost yelling at Lamont that he’s getting taken or a ride by some card sharps. Lamont is not listening to his old man. Does Fred let his son have his way, or does Pop get involved?

These Are Some ‘Sanford and Son’ Episodes

While these are the top five according to IMDb, Sanford and Son also managed to pull in some pretty cool guest stars. Among those showing up included Lena Horne, boxer George Foreman, Sheldon Leonard, “Mission: Impossible” star Greg Morris, and music group The Three Degrees.