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Ryan Seacrest Raves About ‘Icon’ Vanna White Ahead of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Takeover

Ryan Seacrest Raves About ‘Icon’ Vanna White Ahead of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Takeover

Ryan Seacrest is hard at work getting ready to take over hosting duties from Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune. Like any new gig, Seacrest has been learning the ins and outs of what makes this show tick. It does help that Seacrest will have longtime co-host Vanna White still around for the new season. Seacrest had some very kind words to say about her.

“Of course, being next to Vanna, she’s a legend. She’s an icon,” Seacrest said. “We spent a little (time) shooting some promos for next season, and she’s just so down to earth. She’s exactly what you would expect.”

Ryan Seacrest is no stranger to people watching at home. He spent some time working alongside Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Ryan, plus he’s the longtime host of American Idol.

Ryan Seacrest Enters New Role As Fan Of ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Yet when it comes to Wheel of Fortune, we’re talking about one of television’s great institutions. Working with a lot of new people is not lost on Ryan Seacrest. He’s felt like he’s been close to the show for a long time as a fan.

“It’s just so exciting to think about being on that set,” Seacrest told E! News. “I’ve watched the show for so many decades. I’m a fan of the show, and the game is the star.”

While on his learning curve, Ryan Seacrest has said that those already working on the show have given him a couple of tips. “They’ve just told me how fun the show is,” Seacrest said in an earlier interview. “It is probably the best show to work on television. You’re giving away money every single night to people, and it never gets old.”

Vanna White Recalls Kindness Shown Her From Seacrest

As far as she’s concerned, Vanna White is ready and able to help Ryan Seacrest out. She does understand that it’ll take a little time for him to get comfortable in his new role.

“He was just so kind. And he goes, ‘No one’s ever gonna replace Pat, I’m not trying to replace Pat,’” White told E! News in an October interview. “I’m just thrilled to be able to work with you and I’ll do whatever it takes. Please teach me whatever I need to know.’ So that was really nice.”

Before Seacrest takes over on a full-time basis, he’s going to be in New York City. Yes, it’s time again for Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest on ABC. Seacrest will be in Times Square waiting for the big ball to drop, signifying a new year is beginning.