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Ring in the New Year With These Unforgettable 90s TV Episodes

Ring in the New Year With These Unforgettable 90s TV Episodes

With New Year’s Day just around the corner, you might be looking for something to do and maybe watching ’90s sitcoms is up your alley. Of course, you will have time to hit the parties or be with friends.

But these episodes from several 1990s shows will make the time pass easier. From Friends and My So-Called Life to Full House and Seinfeld, go check these and other shows out from the decade. IMDb offers up a list of suggestions.


The One with the Monkey – All six friends end up making and breaking a deal. It’s around not bringing any dates to the New Year’s Eve party. In the meantime, Phoebe starts dating a scientist. Ross decides to do something about his constant loneliness by getting a pet monkey.

The One with All the Resolutions – Everyone sets out to make New Year’s resolutions. Chandler is battling a case of the giggles as he’s looking to not make any jokes about everyone. Also, Joey learns how to learn to play the guitar and Rachel decides not to gossip.

‘My So-Called Life’

Resolutions – With it being around New Year’s, a lot of people start making resolutions. Meanwhile, Rickie is homeless yet again. Brian gets busy tutoring Jordan.

‘Boy Meets World’ Leaves Teens Without A Home

Train of Fools – We find the teenagers having to spend New Year’s Eve in an abandoned subway car. Why? They don’t have a way to get to the party where everyone else is hanging out.


The Millennium – Kramer and Newman pre-pre-plan competing millennium parties. Meanwhile, George starts working on his exit from the Yankees. Elaine puts up a protest about service.

‘3rd Rock from the Sun’

Happy New Dick! – Tommy gets busy organizing a New Year’s party at the bar where Harry works. Dick starts to feel like he didn’t accomplish anything in the past year at all.

‘King of the Hill’

Hillennium – People get itchy as Y2K approaches. Everybody fears the oncoming millennium. This includes even Dale, who hoards food, Mountain Dew, and hamsters. Meanwhile, Hank is unaffected by the growing concerns…until there’s a propane shortage.

‘Family Guy’

Da Boom – Talk about end-of-year paranoia! Peter has a bad case of it. Because he does, all of the family plans for New Year’s Eve ’99 are gone. While it’s hard to believe, you will see why Peter was right.