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‘Reba:’ Reboot Rumors Still Circulating Among Fans

‘Reba:’ Reboot Rumors Still Circulating Among Fans

These days, it seems like all the hit 80s and 90s shows are getting reboots, but one of the biggest hits, Reba, has yet to return. While there have never been serious attempts to make a revival of the 2000s series a reality, fans and former cast mates have been talking about it for years—and they’re still talking about it today. 

JoAnna Garcia Swisher recently posted a video that she cleverly entitled “Brock’s Angels” that shows the original stars back together to celebrate Brock Hart star Christopher Rich’s 70th birthday. Oh, and Lance Bass from NSYNC was there, too. In the clip, Swisher, Reba McEntire, and Melissa Peterman laugh and hug as they reminisce. Friends and family, including Reba’s longtime boyfriend, Rex Lin, also joined. 

“On last night’s episode of ‘Brock’s Angels,’ old friends got together to hang out, laugh, catch up, and celebrate a milestone Birthday. Who ate all the pizza? Where’s the leftover cake? Why torture that innocent song? Case Closed. #foreverfamily,” Swisher wrote.

While nearly 46k fans loved the post, it had people begging for a reboot. 

“Please we need a reboot, Reba’s cast was perfect, not a bad episode in the whole series!!” one person gushed.

“We neeeeeeeed more of the Hart family,” another pleaded. “Even a 2-hour special.”

“Desperate for a reboot,” another fan admitted.

Will There Be a ‘Reba’ Reboot?

So will there be a Reba reboot? As of now, it doesn’t look like it. But Reba McEntire hasn’t lost all hope. 

Interviewers have been asking the legendary singer about a reboot for years, and she’s always shared that she wants to get a new series off the ground, but she hasn’t been able to get anything together. In September 2022, she told The Bobby Bones Show that everyone has been “really trying hard” to make the dream a reality. She admitted that she wants the entire cast and crew back in the studio, and “hopefully that will happen one day.”

But in January, Reba admitted a revival is probably never going to happen. 

“We talked about that a lot,” she told E! News. “I don’t think that’s ever going to come to fruition, but maybe one of these days.”

So, we still have a maybe. 

A reboot may never be more than a dream, but we still have six seasons of the series to binge. If you need a Reba fix, you can watch all the episodes on Hulu or on Amazon Prime with ads.