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Ray Romano Addresses Potential ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Revival

Ray Romano Addresses Potential ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Revival

Comedy legend Ray Romano shut down the notion of an Everybody Loves Raymond revival in a recent TV appearance. During Friday’s episode of Real Time With Bill Maher, Romano discussed the potential for a reboot of the classic 90s sitcom. “As far as a reboot well, it’s now out of the question because unfortunately the parents are gone: Peter Boyle and Doris Roberts.” 

Boyle and Roberts portrayed Romano’s parents, Frank and Marie Barone, on the sitcom. Roberts passed away in 2016, with Boyle’s death occurring in 2006, shortly after the show ended.

Popular shows like Full House, Night Court, Frasier, and Roseanne have all enjoyed beleated revivals in recent years. Everybody Loves Raymond seems like a natural fit for the trend.

Another Reason Why Ray Romano is Passing on an ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Revival

However, Romano also had choice words for recent revivals of classic 80s and 90s sitcoms. “They’re never as good,” he said. “We want to leave with our legacy with what it is.”

Created by Philip Rosenthal, Everybody Loves Raymond aired for nine seasons from 1996 to 2005. The show follows the life of Raymond “Ray” Barone, an Italian-American sportswriter, his wife Debra Barone, and their three children. Raymond’s parents, Marie Barone and Frank Barone, as well as his older brother Robert Barone, frequently disrupt their lives. Living right across the street, the Barone family often meddles in Raymond’s home life.

Romano also detailed the decision to end the wildly popular sitcom when it was still successful. , “The rest of the cast was happy to go on, but myself and Phil Rosenthal — who ran the show — we wanted it to end,” he explained. “We just felt it, we felt it [was] time.” 

However, Romano’s comedic talent lives on. He’s returning to the small screen in the new Netflix dark comedy No Good Deed. In the new series, he plays Paul, a struggling contractor. Joining him is another familiar face: Friends star, Lisa Kudrow.

Although an Everybody Loves Raymond reboot is not in the cards, there is potential for another sitcom from that era to make a comeback. Before his iconic role as Walter White in Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston portrayed the endearing and accident-prone dad, Hal Wilkerson, in Malcolm in the Middle.

Frankie Muniz, the show’s star, previously disclosed that Cranston was working on a reboot. Cranston recently addressed the rumors, telling E! News the possibility of a “reunion movie” for Malcolm in the Middle.