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Party of Five’s Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert Reunite for Hallmark Christmas Movie

Party of Five’s Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert Reunite for Hallmark Christmas Movie

Party of Five’s Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert reunited to play siblings once again for the new Hallmark holiday movie, A Merry Scottish Christmas.

The film, which is part of the network’s famed Countdown to Christmas, brings Wolf and Chabert to the screen as estranged brother and sister. After their mother asks them to fly to Scotland to meet her for the holiday, they begin to forgive and forget and learn a major family secret along the way. 

The duo first worked together in their hit 90s drama. At that time, Chabert was 11, and Wolf was 25. The actors forged a true-to-life family bond during the show’s six seasons, and they remained close over the decades. 

As Wolf shared with PEOPLE, the two had been wanting to film a Hallmark film together for years. But planning, schedules, and the 2020 pandemic stalled production. So finally reaching the finish line felt like a major accomplishment. 

“This is going back a few years,” he said. “But we definitely wanted to make sure we had a really great script and a story that we could throw ourselves into. And so with development and then COVID, it actually took all this time to finally get to do it. It’s hard to put into words how meaningful it was to get a chance to just spend the time with Lacey after all these years.” 

Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert Recall ‘Full Circle’ Moment

Scott Wolf also noted how much Lacey Chabert had matured and blossomed professionally over the years, and working alongside her made him feel a brotherly pride.

“When we met, she was 11 years old, and to work together and see just the incredible professional she is and how much control and leadership she has on a set,” he continued. “And she really guided the way on this in a way that was really inspiring and fun and just made me really proud.”

However, the move itself isn’t their most cherished part of the filming process. When the actors headed to Scotland, they invited their families along. Chabert and her husband, David Nehdar, have one daughter, Julia (7). Wolf has three children, Jackson (14), Miller (11), and Lucy (9), with his wife, Kelly Wolf.

When the two watched their children connect on set, they felt like it was a “full circle moment” that reminded them of their first meeting. And they both made it a point to take in the experience and celebrate it for what it was.

“I just had this total flash of me being 11 years old again with Scott, and the full circle moment of that was really heartwarming for me,” said Chabert. “…We both stopped and took it in. We were like, ‘Let’s not forget this moment. This is a real blessing.’”

A Merry Scottish Christmas premiered on Hallmark on Saturday, November 18. You can watch it now on Peacock.