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‘NCIS’ to Air Tribute Episode to Late ‘Ducky’ Actor David McCallum

‘NCIS’ to Air Tribute Episode to Late ‘Ducky’ Actor David McCallum

Longtime NCIS fans will be able to send off David McCallum and his Donald “Ducky” Mallard character in style this upcoming season. The show has announced that its second new episode of Season 21 will be “Ducky”-focused. Team members will have learned of their colleague’s death, giving them time to share their memories.

Yet there’s another twist involved with that episode, TVLine reports. In the storyline, there reportedly will be a way that “Ducky” plays a role in solving a case. David McCallum died this year at 90 years old.

Ahead of this episode’s airing, NCIS executive producers Steven D. Binder and David North had this to say. “Everyone at NCIS felt it was important to do an episode that honors such a legendary actor, not to mention a dear friend.”

“In the episode, the team will learn of Ducky’s passing and reflect on their memories of him as they grieve,” they added. “And true to Ducky’s meticulous and compassionate nature, even after he’s gone, he still manages to solve one last crime with the team.”

‘NCIS’ Executives Promise ‘Touching and Special Moment’

In another nod to this being a special episode, Brian Dietzen, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer, is listed as a co-writer of this one. With this being a rather unique situation, fans might wonder if we’d get a Gibbs appearance. That would be pretty cool. What about DiNozzo? Anyone else showing up? Binder and North would not tip their hats if that was in the works. But don’t be surprised if someone unexpected drops by.

The only hint they dropped was in this statement: “There will also be a very touching and special moment you won’t want to miss.”

David McCallum’s character was part of the show’s episodes since Season 1, so he was current through Season 20. It’s true that in recent seasons, his appearances were a few less than in earlier ones.

“For over 20 years, David McCallum endeared himself to audiences around the world playing the wise, quirky, and sometimes enigmatic, Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard,” Binder and North said when McCallum died. “But as much as his fans may have loved him, those who worked side by side with David loved him that much more …. From Day 1, it was an honor to work with him and he never let us down. He was, quite simply, a legend.”

David McCallum Proved to Be an International Star

Legend indeed. McCallum made a big international splash in the 1960s when he played opposite Robert Vaughn on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Other TV work included Colditz and Sapphire & Steel. As for movies, David McCallum appeared in 1963’s The Great Escape.

NCIS put McCallum back in the national and international spotlight through his work. But it never reached the crazy heights of his ’60s run. McCallum was viewed by many as a sex symbol. When he would go out in public, sometimes fans were known to almost hunt him down. In an interview with The Scotsman, David McCallum recalled being rescued from Central Park by mounted police.

Besides his acting, David McCallum was a musician who even put out a few albums of his work. He even found time to write a novel and was reportedly working on a second one prior to his death this year.