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‘NCIS’ Spinoff Set to Bring Back Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly

‘NCIS’ Spinoff Set to Bring Back Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly

NCIS lovers, rejoice: Fan favorites Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly are set to return in an upcoming NCIS spinoff series.

Per EW, Paramount+ revealed on Wednesday the upcoming production of a new NCIS spinoff series featuring de Pablo and Weatherly. This iconic pair, known for their antics as Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo in the long-running crime series, is set to dazzle viewers once more. The flagship show is currently in its 21st season on CBS.

Of course, NCIS fans know the “Tiva” relationship’s storied past. After years of romantic tension with Tony, Ziva resigned from her post at NCIS in season 10. However, she made appearances in the first two episodes of season 11. De Pablo exited the series afterward. Her character seemingly meets her end in a bombing incident in Israel during season 13. Before her tragic fate, she welcomed a daughter named Tali, who was revealed to be Tony’s child.

Weatherly’s character departed after season 13 to look after Tali. Ziva was later revealed to have survived the explosion in season 16. She made a brief return in the season 16 finale and four episodes of season 17.

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The description of the upcoming NCIS spinoff reveals what the fan-favorite characters have been up to. “Tony and Ziva have been raising their daughter, Tali, together. When Tony’s security company is attacked, they must go on the run across Europe, try to figure out who is after them, and maybe even learn to trust each other again so that they can finally have their unconventional happily ever after.”

Weatherly and de Pablo, who will also be executive producers with showrunner John McNamara, issued a joint statement on the upcoming NCIS spin-off. “We’ve been talking about this story for many years, and now with John McNamara at the helm, we are ready. The world of Tony and Ziva (and daughter Tali) promises to be an action-packed roller coaster fueled by love, danger, tears, and laughter.”

“We also want to acknowledge and thank the fans from around the world who supported the ‘TIVA’ movement for years. To this day, they say hello in grocery stores and on the street to tell us how much these characters mean to them and ask what Tony and Ziva are up to now. This is for you!”

Since leaving NCIS, de Pablo has taken on-screen roles in the film The 33 and the CBS miniseries The Dovekeepers. Meanwhile, Weatherly portrayed the lead character in the CBS legal series Bull, a role he held from 2016 to 2022.

CBS also recently unveiled plans for a new NCIS spinoff delving into the backstory of a young Gibbs. Mark Harmon, known for his role as Gibbs in the flagship series, will be narrating the show.