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‘NCIS’: Gibbs’ Most Heartbreaking Moment

‘NCIS’: Gibbs’ Most Heartbreaking Moment

Throughout the long run of NCIS, dramatic moments have kept fans busy and one character in the middle of it all is Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Mark Harmon, of course, played Gibbs from the show’s first season through Season 19. He led the NCIS team through difficult challenges, changing team members, and personal moments. Gibbs has been through the wringer, and we’ve gotten to have close-up views at times.

For Gibbs, he’s one guy who tackles challenges head-on. Gibbs is not afraid to get down and dirty when trying to corral a criminal or crack a case. One thing old Leroy does is use his dogged determination to fight back when he’s tired.

Not every moment, though, is action-packed or happy. In fact, Gibbs has had a few heartbreaking moments on NCIS. But none of them have reached the level of one in Season 3. Let’s take a trip back to the two-part season finale titled Hiatus.

We get a chance to see Gibbs and the team investigate an external threat. They find out that a Marine Assault Ship could be attacked at any moment. It happened. An explosion rocked the boat and left Gibbs down for the count in a coma. Other team members were busted up a little bit. But they decided to go off and seek out the perpetrator while Gibbs headed to the hospital.

‘NCIS’ Leads Us On Journey Through Gibbs’ Mind

Once Gibbs is in his hospital bed, we take trips with him through the dark recesses of his mind, according to Looper. He’s remembering his wife and daughter’s deaths, trying to reconcile their loss. Then we take a trip through Gibbs’ service in the United States military during Operation Desert Storm.

Well, we get to this point and Gibbs wakes up. That’s good news. But the bad news is that he’s suffering from a spate of memory loss. Apparently, he cannot remember a thing that happened after 1991. Gibbs is one strong dude from an emotional standpoint. But having those memories about his personal losses to death and even Desert Storm probably made him squirm a little bit.

And we cannot leave out the Khobar Towers and the horrid scenes around September 11, 2001, and the World Trade Center attacks. What helps Gibbs regain his wits, if you will? An intervention from his mentor Mike Franks and a little help from Ziva David, too.

Sure, the NCIS team was probably concerned about what might happen with Gibbs. But they also needed to be focused on finding a bomber. Hiatus would prove to be one tough two-parter for NCIS fans to deal with at the time. Thankfully, though, Gibbs was able to snap out of his coma and get back to work.