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Mr. T Stars in Hilarious Skechers Super Bowl Commercial, Fans Go Wild

Mr. T Stars in Hilarious Skechers Super Bowl Commercial, Fans Go Wild

Mr. T was pitying fools all over the place in a new Skechers ad that dropped on the Super Bowl this past Sunday. The A-Team and Rocky III star joined forces with the shoe brand, teaching audiences how to spell alongside longtime ambassador Tony Romo.

“Did you know there’s no T in Skechers?” Romo reflects on the common spelling gaffe with the shoe brand. “Never has been.”

Mr. T wasted no time in calling out the former quarterback’s blunder, demolishing a wall to drive his point home.“What you talking about, Romo?” Mr.T exclaims in the ad. “T is always in Skechers.” 

Mr. T swiftly demonstrated to Romo that his Skechers Hands-Free Slip-ins shoes were suitable for every occasion. “T in these Skechers Slip-ins,” Mr. T quips. Viewers see a montage of the 80s icon flexing on Venice Beach, crossing lava, catching a big fish from a boat, and standing in front of a falling stunt van that resembles his iconic A-Team vehicle.

“I pity the fool who has to touch his shoes to put ‘em on,” Mr. T says during the series of shots. He then gives an exhaustive list of reasons he pities fools for not wearing Skechers.

“I’m just saying, people often misspell Skechers and put a T in it,” Tony eventually jokes. Of course, Mr. T fires right back, saying “Quit saying and start slipping, fool!”

Mr. T Fans Flock to Show Their Love of His Skechers Super Bowl Spot

Mr. T’s fans took to the YouTube comments section to praise his Skechers Super Bowl appearance. “Glad to see Mr. T! Such an icon! “I pity the fool!” never gets old!”, one fan gushed. “Super funny & awesome throwback, too!” another A-Team lover added.

Other fans noted how well the 80s icon was holding up. “I love Mr T! He still looks great,” one fan commented. “Mr. T looks so good. Proud to say I was raised up watching him on the A Team! I love him”, another fan enthused.

Finally, one Mr. T fan put in a special request for Skechers after watching the Super Bowl ad. “I need me some Mr T SkeTchers NOW!”, they insisted.

Mr. T is the latest celeb to collaborate with the shoe brand. Their 2024 Super Bowl ad was the company’s 11th game day commercial. In the past, they’ve featured Joe Montana, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, and music icon Willie Nelson in their commercials.