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‘Moonlighting,’ Bruce Willis’ Wacky 80s Detective Series, Now Streaming on Hulu

‘Moonlighting,’ Bruce Willis’ Wacky 80s Detective Series, Now Streaming on Hulu

In the 1980s, Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd teamed up for a funny, unique detective show titled Moonlighting. It was cool and hip with lightning-quick dialogue delivery between Willis (David Addison) and Shepherd (Maddie Hayes). For a long time, fans have been clamoring to see reruns on television.

Well, there’s good news. Hulu has been selected as the home for Moonlighting and episodes are running on the streaming service. People have asked for reasons why the show did not appear until now. Glenn Gordon Caron, who created the show, had to work through some music license issues. If you recall, there was a lot of Motown, rock, and soul music.

‘Moonlighting’ Takes TV World By Storm

Moonlighting took the TV world by storm. Willis’ ability to do comedy with sight gags and Shepherd’s keen sense of timing worked well. When the original show was in production, reports came out that Willis and Shepherd really didn’t like one another. If that was the case, then they really acted well together.

Allyse Beasley and Curtis Armstrong provided solid backup support. Beasley portrayed Blue Moon Detective Agency’s secretary. Moonlighting ran from 1985-89 for 67 episodes. All 67 episodes are now available for watching on Hulu.

This news comes out at the time when Willis’ health has been in the news. Recently, Caron has said that Willis cannot communicate verbally.

For Willis’ career, Moonlighting served as a fantastic springboard to other work. He mixed a little bit of humor with drama in Die Hard. He’s also appeared in other action and drama movies. After this series ended, Shepherd would have another series, titled Cybill.

Lots of Lightning-Quick Dialogue

Moonlighting, as we said, provided a lot of lightning-quick dialogue between David and Maddie. In fact, in some episodes, David gets so frustrated he’s left to simply cry out, “Maddie! Maddie! Maddie!” For her part, Maddie had quite the knack for closing her office door just at the right time.

Another thing viewers might take note of is the wardrobe that the actors and actresses are wearing. It’s a pretty solid reflection of those 1980s styles.

Singer Al Jarreau provides his voice to the show’s theme song. The show also was known for putting together theme episodes. One of them shows has the entire cast traveling back into Shakesspeare’s time. David and Maddie, although in different roles, find themselves in love with one another. This romantic tension is played to the hilt in this special episode.

But that’s always present between David and Maddie. It, in a way, adds fuel to their working relationship.