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Matthew Perry Removed This ‘Friends’ Storyline That Would’ve Caused Major Controversy

Matthew Perry Removed This ‘Friends’ Storyline That Would’ve Caused Major Controversy

Before Monica and Chandler Bing went on to become one of the most enviable couples in sitcom history, the Friends writers set Chandler up to be unfaithful. Fortunately, Matthew Perry stepped in and demanded a rewrite. 

An affair was supposed to happen during the Season 5 episode titled The One in Vegas: Part 1. As fans may remember, the two-part story put Monica and Chandler at odds because Monica had lunch with her ex-boyfriend, Richard. After bickering turned to harsh words, Chandler pretended like he was leaving Vegas, which made Monica believe their romance was over. 

In the end, the two realized they were fighting because they both wanted to elevate their relationship. So Monica asked Chandler to move in with her. But that wholesome story was not a part of the original script, according to actress Lisa Cash.

Matthew Perry Claimed ‘Friends’ Fans Would Never Forgive Chandler

Cash spoke with TMZ this week and shared that she had been hired to star in that 1999 episode as the woman Chandler was going to cheat with. Originally, the couple had their blow-up argument. And Chandler was going to storm up to their hotel room and order room service. Cash was going to deliver his food and seduce Chandler. 

Matthew Perry spoke up for his character and insisted that Chandler would never be unfaithful to Monica. The writers and producers eventually agreed, and Monica and Chandler continued forward with their perfect love story. 

“We had rehearsed it and everything,” she remembered. “And then the day before we were shooting in front of a live audience, I was told that Chandler went to the writers and said that the audience would never forgive him for cheating on Monica, which he was probably right. That would have changed, possibly, the course of the show.” 

The actress also pointed out that Friends had already done the whole “we were on a break” plot with Ross and Rachel, and Monica and Chandler were nothing like Ross and Rachel. 

Cash noted that Matthew Perry was incredibly kind during the entire situation. She was completely new to the industry at that time, and the quick change-up could have been a horrible experience for her. But Perry was so “likable,” and he was able to make her feel comfortable. 

“I had fun,” she said. “You know. It was just really fun doing the scene with him.” 

Lisa Cash didn’t get cut from the episode entirely, either. She ends up playing the stewardess who has to deal with Ross and Rachel’s plane feud.