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‘Magnum P.I.’ Reboot Star Relates to Tom Selleck as Series Nears End

‘Magnum P.I.’ Reboot Star Relates to Tom Selleck as Series Nears End

Jay Hernandez has been front and center as the star of NBC’s Magnum P.I. reboot which has now come to an end. In this version of the show, Hernandez has done his best to put forth how he would play Thomas Magnum. Fans of the original show still have Tom Selleck in their minds. He played Magnum in his way at that time.

Hernandez happened to have been watching when NBC aired the series’ final two episodes back-to-back on January 3. One fan posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, that they never thought they’d be interested in a reboot. Hernandez replied, “Ditto-as a Tom Selleck fan I ALSO thought I would never be interested in a reboot. I seriously felt the same way! But hey, gave it a shot. Thank you for your kind words!”

This Version Of ‘Magnum P.I.’ Lasted 5 Seasons

Magnum P.I. made it to five seasons on network television. The first four were on CBS before it was canceled. Fans, though, started campaigning on social media and in letters to save the show. NBC stepped up to the plate and gave it one more season.

Hernandez even put forth an idea to network executives on how the show could keep on going. But they didn’t go for it, so the show now ends its run. He also mentioned on X that he wasn’t totally happy with the way the show ended. Now that it’s over, though, he will have to move on to other projects.

What will Hernandez do next? He hasn’t said anything publicly. Hernandez can take solace in the fact that he’s been part of an already-established franchise and has done well with it.

Selleck fans know that he didn’t give this version of his show the time of day. He’s been busy playing Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods. Yet that series, too, will be coming to an end itself. Blue Bloods has been a consistent ratings winner for CBS on Friday nights. Its storylines showing a family’s devotion to its work and themselves keep viewers coming back for more. Being able to play two highly impressive characters for long periods has been a boost for Selleck’s career.

Tom Selleck Probably Not Coming Back to Play Magnum

Don’t expect to see Selleck step into a red Ferrari again and speed through Honolulu. Retirement to his California ranch is one possibility for Selleck. At his age, doing another long-term TV series might not be in the cards.

Magnum P.I. provided some beautiful scenic looks of Hawaii. The islands are still getting TV attention thanks to NCIS: Hawaii, starring Vanessa Lachey.

What’s also cool is that fans of the old show can catch reruns. They are shown regularly on GetTV. As for a streaming service, the Selleck shows are on Amazon Prime and reportedly on FreeVee and Roku. The newer version’s reruns are reportedly on Peacock.

Thomas Magnum is an iconic character in the lore of network television. Getting a chance to portray him for five seasons gained new fans for Hernandez. With his show over, fans of it might be on the lookout for a possible TV movie down the road. That would be one way of keeping Magnum alive for fans.

For now, Magnum P.I. now lives in the world of reruns.