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Lost Episode of 90s Fox Series Available on YouTube After 32 Years

Lost Episode of 90s Fox Series Available on YouTube After 32 Years

Fans of a 1990s-era cartoon series are in luck as Little Shop, which aired on Fox, has posted an episode online. This episode of the limited-run series did not make it into a rerun rotation.

The journey of this not-so-lost episode of Little Shop is pretty amazing. So, the episode itself is titled “It’s a Wonderful Leaf.” Little Shop is based on the film Little Shop of Horrors, which was directed by Roger Corman in 1960. Little Shop ran a 13-week episode series from Sept. 7 to Nov. 30, 1991.

The show focused its action around a self-proclaimed nerd who happens to work in a small flower shop. In there, a talking plant steals some scenes. Little Shop starred Tamar Lee, Harvey Atkin, Buddy Lewis, Marlow Vella, and David Huband.

‘Little Shop’ Series Usually Ran on Fox Kids Animation Block

Well, the show itself was put together by Marvel Productions and Saban Entertainment. Little Shop originally aired in the Saturday morning Fox Kids animation block. Despite solid backing, the companies didn’t seem to care about keeping the show on the air. Little Shop found spots to run on La Cinq, then on Cartoon Quest and Animation Station through 1997.

But just three episodes were put in the public domain. They were available in 2015 on VHS recordings. Then, the episodes were uploaded to YouTube. One episode’s German dub was uploaded to YouTube in September 2015. In 2016, three more episodes popped up on YouTube thanks to The Little Shop Archive account.

More episodes appeared online by January 1, 2017, followed by even more the next day. This only left that one episode, “It’s a Wonderful Leaf,” from being available to view. The Little Shop Archive channel owner got a DVD copy of this episode. It was damaged, so the German dubbed-over video of the episode was up and running. Yet, in honor of the show’s 32nd anniversary of its premiere, The Little Shop Archive did upload the English dub of the Fox series’ final episode.

A Chunk of the Song ‘Yogurt’ is Missing in Video

While that’s good news, a lot of the song Yogurt is missing due to some issues in the digitization process.

Seeing a show like Little Shop being able to air this long-forgotten episode is good news. Why? Because it means that fans get a special treat. Some of them remember the show from their childhood.

Finding “lost” or “hidden” episodes for TV series has been going on for some time. One of the most interesting “finds” took place 20-25 years ago. Comedian Jackie Gleason, who was in the latter stages of his life, went to Viacom and made a deal. Many sketches from The Honeymooners found their way on to Showtime, then moved to cable television.

Heck, even I Love Lucy managed to locate couple of episodes not seen since its original run. TV shows discovered that older, rarely-seen episodes can draw some ratings.